Bird with sustainable development goals

Introducing the bird strike prevention project

We support the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals
including protection of life on land.

According to the American Bird Conservancy, up to 1 billion birds are killed by window collision annually in the US.

An irreplaceable part of our biodiversity

For centuries birds have inspired us, but birds in flight are dying every day as a result of modern buildings. The glass structures we build are impressive and beautiful — but birds mistake the glass for open sky and unknowingly strike our structures at full flight speed.

Read more about bird collisions - BirdLife International

Why is Ricoh involved?

Ricoh is in a unique position to help raise awareness about social issues like this. With our commitment to supporting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, Ricoh offers a solution through partnerships with concerned people using a printer, education to engage in sustainability, and protection of life on land. Bird strike prevention is a simple and low cost way to make a positive impact on our biodiversity.

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Partner with us to help save our bird species

We can show birds that a window is a barrier instead of a patch of open sky by placing decals, patterned strips, or even tape onto windows. When arranged up to two inches apart vertically and up to 4-inches apart horizontally, this creates markers for birds to detect the empty spaces as too small to fly through. Exterior surface placement and bright colors are most effective, however, interior decal placement, net curtains, or even venetian blinds can also be sufficient in reducing collisions.

You can protect birds using a printer

We have been working to develop and uncover solutions that can be used to support this project. Using wide format printing technology found on the Ricoh Pro L5160, we were able to print beautiful window decals on film. Commercial printing innovations like white ink printing allow art designs that are noticeable on darker tinted windows. To create your own window decals on a toner based printer, you can try removable, clear adhesive film by a like-minded sustainability partner such as Kernow. Create your own unique designs or print designs from templates on the KernowPrint Clear self adhesive film P45.

Tip: It is always recommended to affix bright-color decals on external surfaces. For better results, you can try setting a slower printing speed and bypass tray media feeding.

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You can get involved too – join us!

Be a change maker - understand the issue and help spread the word (share video on social). Take action, and generate interest in implementing bird strike prevention steps at your business or home. Lastly, learn more about this issue by clicking on the links below and researching how you can help the birds in our environment.

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