Man in wheelchair sitting next to another man at a table discussing something.


Be more productive with our user-friendly products

What good are your products and services if not everyone can use them? When you design a product's features and functions with accessibility and usability in mind, everybody benefits. That's why our product design process includes evaluations and development cycles that align with Section 508 compliance standards.

Engage independent experts

Have a clear mission and philosophy

Establish a protocol for compliance

To help us comply with Section 508, we conduct evaluations using two methods:

  • A checklist of more than 250 items derived from Section 508, the U.S. Access Board and other human factors, standards and guidelines

  • Simulated usability tests involving people with a variety of impairments

The results are available in our Voluntary Product Accessibility Templates (VPATs). Please select a product below to evaluate its compliance with Section 508.

Voluntary Product Accessibility Templates