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“It was refreshing to dedicate my time to a singular goal that had incredible merit. I valued the in-person, community support offered, and believe my contributions will make a real difference in the techniques used in the PQ Lab.”

Justus Griego

Colorado University, Quality Design Engineering Intern, Technology and Solutions Development

Ricoh USA


"Interning at Ricoh was a valuable, hands-on learning experience with practical problems, a dedicated team and solutions-driven projects that challenged the status-quo and made a real difference.”

Soraya Terrab

Colorado School of Mines, Hardware Development Intern, Technology and Solutions Development

Ricoh USA


“The opportunity to develop products that Ricoh and its customers will actually use was incredibly rewarding. I was given the freedom to run with my ideas creatively to accomplish goals and provide useful, innovative insights.”

Christopher Yun

UC Berkely, Software Development Intern, Technology and Solutions Development

Ricoh USA

Paths to future success

“During my internship, I experienced what it was like to work in my chosen field. I worked with a very supportive and knowledgeable group of people and was introduced to many future team members who helped me integrate into working professionally at Ricoh. I became familiar with many tools and internal and external processes that led me into my current position today.”

Benjamin Beatty

Staff Software Engineer

Digital Services Business Center

Ricoh Scholars Program

Ananya Gupta, Ricoh Scholar

Dr. Bart Knijnenburg

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