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Customer Service

What inspires us: exceeding goals & empowering customers

Our Customer Service team members collaborate to provide national support for a wide variety of internal and external customers. This high-performance team drives effective, customer-centric support to build customer loyalty, helping Ricoh to satisfy and serve its customers.


“We have no limit to what we can do as Ricoh team members, leaders and customer partners, challenging ourselves to drive technology, service, support and innovation, always staying focused on forward.”

Brenda Maute

Director, Shared Services

Ricoh USA, Inc.

Customer service opportunities at Ricoh

Accounts receivable and cash operations

Our Accounts Receivable and Cash Operations team is responsible for payment for services, assisting with payment arrangements, and resolving matters related to compensation.

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Operations support

Our Operations Support team maintains the integrity of customer accounts through data planning, analysis and reporting, as well as maintaining exceptional quality assurance.

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Customer engagement

Our Customer Engagement team includes order management, billing and customer advocacy, and supports the Sales team with timely and accurate order flow from customers and sales through administrative systems and processes.

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Shared services

Our Shared Services team provides a number of critical services, including customer engagement support, customer success management, dealer administration and customer service to contribute to an excellent customer experience.

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“We are a high-performing, energetic team dedicated to improving the internal and external customer experience by focusing on three key pillars – quality, excellence and profitability. Together, we work to meet and exceed business goals and to empower our customers’ long-term success.”

Meagan Moody

Vice President, Customer Administration

Ricoh USA, Inc.

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