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Virtual receptionist in busy office

RICOH Virtual Self-Service Hologram

Make a lasting first impression.

Workplace Productivity
Attract and engage potential customers with the first ever digital employee of the future. RICOH Virtual Self-Service Holograms are the first virtual presenters with personality and stopping power. They automatically and intelligently deliver highly targeted messages to your customers — anywhere, anytime and in any language you desire.

Enjoy rare stopping power


RICOH Virtual Self-Service Holograms help you create human moments.

Hologram presenting to a group of people
Whether you are in need of a virtual receptionist to greet customers, a product specialist to show demo videos or a virtual concierge to give directions, virtual presenters look and act amazingly lifelike and can do the job for you — especially if your employees are too overburdened or understaffed to be there in person. They are a combination of artificial intelligence and computer-generated visual technologies that work together to create the first ever digital employee. Their genuine appearance makes people want to stop and learn more about them, every time.

Unlike traditional digital signage that exists all around us — that people tend to ignore — virtual presenters offer a fresh and unique way to engage your customers. Their stopping power influences deeper involvement with potential customers and gets them to interact and engage with your brand in new and unique ways.

Make sure your messaging is always current


Update the content of your virtual presenter in only 5 minutes.


There are three different types of virtual presenters:


  • Computer-generated-imagery (CGI)- based content
  • Animation-based content
  • Human-based content

CGI based hologram units allow you to custom design your own virtual employee. Pick from a wide selection of eye color, hair color, voice, graphics and user experience. Animated units can take the form of a cartoon character or loveable mascot. Finally, human-based units may be modeled after an existing person, such as your company CEO.


You can easily update both the CGI and animated units over the internet, keeping your messaging and your information up-to-date at all times. You don't even need to be in the same room as your virtual presenters to make updates.

Animated style hologram

Measure, track and improve


Access insightful customer engagement metrics via a cloud-based analytics dashboard.

Hologram with internal analytics

All virtual presenters units come with a built-in analytics portal, which lets you collect highly valuable analytics on customer interactions and preferences — information that is typically only available in the online world. Improve customer service and satisfaction by knowing what works well and what doesn't. Make quick modifications to your messaging on the fly.

These holograms collect valuable analytics about customer interactions, including:


  • Interactions
  • Duration
  • Commerce transactions
  • Conversion Rates
  • Personal identifiers
  • Geography
  • A/B Testing

Offer unlimited language delivery


Program your virtual presenters to speak any language, including sign language.

If you're running a multilingual company, you know that translators are expensive and hard to find. Once you do find a translator, they may speak two, maybe three different languages at most. Program your virtual concierge to speak any language and welcome your international guests in a memorable way. Customers can self select which language they would like to interact in, so there is never any confusion.
Female hologram greeting

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