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Flatbed UV LED Printer

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Exceed customer expectations and push your creativity to the limits with the RICOH Pro T7210 Flatbed UV LED Printer

Tap into the profitable sign and graphics market by producing products fast and efficiently on substrates up to 4.3" thick with the RICOH Pro T7210 Flatbed UV LED Printer. Developed by Ricoh, the system lets you expand your offerings into traditional sign and graphics applications or enter into emerging applications, including promotional products, short run specialty packaging, and murals. Twelve RICOH MH5421 printheads help you achieve industry-leading productivity with print speeds of up to 1,106 ft2/hr in four-color draft mode and 539 ft2/hr in four-color standard mode. Pursue ambitious growth plans fueled by high profit potential, low operating costs, superb image quality and outstanding reliability.

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More applications to drive more revenue for your printing business

Answer the surging demand for wide-format sign and graphics applications. Create in-demand products including retail and POP displays, signage, event graphics, yard signs, murals, exhibition displays, short-run specialty packaging, promotional items and more.

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Vivid color and durable quality

Go beyond CMYK with white and clear inks. Use the inline primer to improve surface tension, expanding your media potential further for consistent image quality and superior adhesion on a wide range of substrates. Advanced technologies and industrial-grade inkjet printheads deliver dependable quality, with vivid color and smooth gradations.

Maximize profitability and keep operating costs low

The system's reliability, speed, ease of use and automated maintenance allow you to operate efficiently and
minimize waste. Get up and running quickly using the bundled software.

  • Print area up to 6.9' x 10.5'
  • Speeds up to to 1,106 ft 2/hr in four-color draft mode and 539 ft2/hr in four-color standard mode
  • Twelve RICOH MH5421 printheads for industry-leading productivity

Surpass your customers' creative expectations. Customize rigid materials effortlessly using the   Pro T7210 UV inkjet printer. 

Redefine what's possible in wide-format inkjet

Push the boundaries of what's possible for wood, glass, metal, PETG, acrylic, foamcore, MDF board, PVC panels and other materials up to 4.3" thick. Inline primer improves surface tension, making even more media choices possible. The maximum printing area is a robust 6.9' x 10.5'. Flexible layout choices allow you to position media for maximum efficiency. For example, load a single 5' x 10' sheet or arrange three 3' x 6' sheets on the bed.

Push applications to their creative limits

Impress clients with the ability to deliver standout applications from traditional signage and posters to exhibition graphics and POP displays, wall and window graphics, and corrugated packaging. Quickly and affordably produce packaging prototypes, or leverage thick media capabilities to print unique, high-value promotional items, from coasters to phone cases to plaques and awards.

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Take advantage of clear and multilayer printing

Apply Ricoh's clear ink as a spot color to highlight design details, or as a flood coat to create a glossier finish on entire products. With its stable flatbed architecture for precise registration, the Pro T7210 enables you to add even greater visual and tactile appeal with multilayer printing to create patterns, simulate textures and add dimension to key design elements.

Capitalize on emerging application trends

Help make living and working spaces even more inviting with applications for healthcare, hospitality, retail and design clients. From custom wall murals and doors to art installations, you can help create customized spaces for hospitals and medical suites, hotels, restaurants, educational facilities, pop-up stores and retail establishments, along with custom one-off design projects. Add flair to live/work environments in a way that's affordable.
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Develop ambitious growth plans

When you go to market with new technology such as a flatbed UV printer, you want to get up and running quickly to start achieving a solid return on your investment. Ricoh's Professional Services team intimately understands UV inkjet printing and your marketplace. Our experts are available to support you every step of the way, from solution design and implementation to business development and workflow strategies.

Expand your sign and graphics print offerings with advanced technology capable of producing near photographic quality at production speeds.

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Vivid, memorable output that's designed to last

With CMYK plus white and clear ― and print resolution of up to 635 dpi x 1,800 dpi ― you can achieve varied, vibrant color no matter what projects you undertake. The built-in primer lets you print on an array of substrates without pre-treatment. And, our UV inkjet printer gives you the flexibility to print in four-color, five-color or six-color modes.
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Explore the versatility of white ink

White ink expands product design opportunities by helping you enhance and retain color vividness. Apply white as a foundation or spot color layer on transparent or colored materials, or use it between colors for backlit displays and day/night applications.

Improve print outcomes with UV LED inks

Our high-viscosity UV LED inks provide intense color, and are designed for reliable and accurate jetting through our Ricoh printheads. UV LED inks cure instantly when exposed to UV LED light, providing a fully cured surface that typically doesn't require an additional protective coating and is ready for immediate finishing. The LED curing process requires less energy and lower temperatures compared to traditional mercury ARC lamps.

Precise, variable-drop printing

The Pro T7210 uses Ricoh's proprietary piezo multi-drop inkjet printing technology employing a total of 12 stainless steel printheads, each containing 1,280 nozzles. The multi-drop capability allows for the creation of a range of droplet sizes enabling grey-scale printing. The printheads are configured in four staggered rows to deliver the best coverage for high-speed, high-resolution printing up to 635 x 1,800 dpi for exceptional image quality.

Meet demanding turnaround times and short run production requirements with high productivity and superior image quality.

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Dazzling digital performance

The Pro T7210 UV Inkjet Printer packs a lot of productivity into its 14.5' x 12.7' frame. Twelve printheads speed job completion, up to 1,079 ft2/hr, with fewer passes than devices with fewer printheads. Full-bleed printing eliminates the need for unnecessary trimming, and the UV LED lamps ensure that the ink is cured instantly and ready for immediate finishing and handling.
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Long-lasting reliability

Designed to deliver day-one quality over years of reliable use, Ricoh's fifth generation industrial grade printheads are constructed of durable stainless steel and feature 1,280 nozzles per printhead with a native resolution of 600 dpi. Multi-drop capabilities allow for 4 levels of gray-scale, ensuring precision printing for crisp detail, sharp, accurate text, smooth gradations, and life-like skin tones.

Simple to use, easy to maintain

The system is easy to use, saving you time. Set materials on the flatbed using registration pins to position media and ensure accurate front-to-back registration on double-sided jobs. The eight-zone vacuum system minimizes the need for masking and keeps multiple and irregularly shaped media in place. Reach the correct printing height fast with an auto-sensor for media height detection. Automated daily maintenance reduces labor and increases uptime.
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Get up and running quickly with the bundled RIP software

The included SAi®Photo Print RIP software supports multi-dpi printing and simplifies tiling, scaling, cropping and other tasks. Speak with your Ricoh sales specialist to discuss additional RIP options and workflow software offerings available that best suit your specific workload requirements.

Make safety a priority

With very low volatile organic compounds and low-odor, our GREENGUARD-certified inks allow you to operate our flatbed UV LED printer in a setting that's better for operators and the environment. The Human Sensor protects users from the print zone during operation, providing an additional operator safety. When the light beam is broken, the printer stops to protect people and the system from harm. Printing can be resumed when the area is cleared.
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Maximize uptime and asset utilization

With one of the largest production print service organizations in the country at your disposal, you can count on receiving prompt, expert assistance from our technicians when you need it. By minimizing downtime, you'll get the most from your device and keep your business running smoothly.

Enhance your productivity and realize true application potential with in-house finishing.

Professional finishing solutions help maximize what you can produce with the Ricoh Pro T7210.

Wide Format Finishing

Colex Sharpcut SX Series

A fully integrated hardware and software solution that turns your digital cutting table into an efficient short-run production system. This powerful solution provides unmatched productivity by intelligently finishing graphics. Applications include graphics, displays/POP's, packaging and textiles/fabrics and supports a wide range of media. Models include the Sharpcut Creator SX-1717 (5.5' × 5.5'), the Sharpcut Pro SX-1732 (5.5' × 10.5'), the Sharpcut SX-3216 (10' × 5') and the Sharpcut SX-3232 (10' × 10').

General Specifications


635 × 1800 dpi



Max Power Consumption

32 amp 3-phase 200-240V

Dimensions W x D x H

14.5' x 12.7' x 5.2' (WxDxH)

Maximum Thickness

Media Thickness: 4.3 inches

Original Paper Weight

Media Weight: 99 lbs/m2


Under 4,916 lbs

Printer Specifications

Print Speed

Draft: Up to 1,106 ft2/hr
Production: Up to 719 ft2/hr
Standard: Up to 539 ft2/hr
High Quality: Up to 184 ft2/hr

Print Drivers

Onyx, SAI Flexi, Caldera and Colorgate

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