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RICOH Application and Infrastructure Monitoring and Management Service

Protect your applications and infrastructure for IT peace of mind


You've already invested in Ricoh software applications and surrounding infrastructure. Now, let us proactively monitor your investment with RICOH Application and Infrastructure Monitoring and Management Service, a monthly subscription service offered by mindSHIFT, a Ricoh company. For a predetermined, fixed cost, you'll receive proactive fault remediation, which alerts you to any application or system failures — before they're a problem. Rest assured knowing that your investment is safe and secure, without placing the burden on your already-overburdened IT staff.


Maximize uptime with a proactive approach


Real time alerts communicate when an application service or server is down.

IT monitoring

Your software systems today are the centerpiece of business operations and workflow, and critical to your day-to-day activities. Unplanned outages can be costly to your business, both in terms of operating costs and the bottom line. Let us help you alleviate that stress by monitoring and maintaining your systems.


We work around the clock to:

  • Provide trend reporting and proactive alerts to help limit hardware and application downtime.
  • Manage and maintain the backups and restore data quickly, reducing downtime while at the same time protecting your information.
  • Expedite troubleshooting steps to repair important systems.

When application and print server uptime is maximized, worker productivity and critical work continues at a rapid pace — letting you spend more time on your core business, rather than supporting your IT infrastructure.


Leverage around-the-clock monitoring, management and problem resolution


Access 24/7 support and maximize server uptime and productivity.

Thanks to our help, you do not need to become IT experts overnight. We provide 24/7 monitoring for servers and response to alerts. This constant management and support includes hardware and software monitoring, scheduled system patching and hardware troubleshooting to fix potential issues.

We offer enterprise-grade security protection for devices proactively managed 24/7. All of your critical Ricoh applications can be monitored and more quickly addressed by our support staff. The sooner we know about the issues, the sooner we can address the root problems.
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Get a predictable monthly cost


Enjoy no hidden fees or unexpected downtime charges.

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When you have fluctuating IT costs, it’s nearly impossible to stick to a monthly budget — throwing your other costs out of whack. With us, you’ll know exactly what you can expect to pay each month and budget accordingly. There are no hidden costs or surprises.

With our reliable support, you won't be shelling out for costly data losses and system outages — often unpredictable and expensive fees that quickly derail your budget. Instead, you'll know exactly how much to spend to keep your systems operational indefinitely.

Daily offsite server backup and recovery


Breathe easier knowing your data is always close at hand.


You know it's mission critical to protect your company's data and to meet compliance standards. Yet, you don't have a data backup and disaster recovery strategy in place. A catastrophic failure would not only derail you financially, but it may also affect compliance if your data needs to be kept for a period of time and is no longer available. Outsource this critical work to us and get peace of mind that your information is more safe and secure.


We work tirelessly to provide:

  • Incremental backups done hourly, daily, weekly and monthly.
  • Data restoration at the image, folder or file level.
  • Quick restoration on 100% of your data, reducing downtime and lost productivity.
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