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End User Communications Services

Work smarter with flexible, robust and secure communication solutions

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$22,500. Amount saved per year for a company who reduced travel time for managers, a key benefit of their Microsoft® Office 365 implementation.1


Communication is key to running a successful business. And with today's modern ways of working, your employees may be spread out across multiple offices, on location at job sites or working from the road or their home — so the tools they rely on to communicate with coworkers and clients have to be reliable and work every time. Our End User Communication services help you communicate more reliably across your entire business.

Services include email hosting services and collaboration tools, which enable employees to manage and coordinate calendars, scheduling, contacts, share files, access data and much more in the cloud, all from their desktop or mobile device.


We enlist top tools such as Microsoft® Office 365™ tools, Skype® for Business, and Yammer for messaging to help your business communicate smoothly.


Email management services: The reigning king of corporate communication


Get a full-managed business email solution without a large investment.

Mail program on computer screen.

Your email client is one of the most important tools in your business arsenal. Shouldn't you have one that does everything you need it to?

With our email management services, you can get a customized email solution built to fit your business needs. We manage this day-to-day service for you, setting up each employee's email, configuring updates and patches correctly, and keeping backend systems running as they should — so your IT team won't waste time on mundane email management tasks such as outages, patches and updates.

Get a fully-managed, fully-functional business email solution without any investment in hardware, software, implementation, security, facility adjustments or maintenance. We offer tier-1 email management support, relieving your IT team of emails, user inquiries and issues. We can also help you configure add-ons such as email archiving to align with compliance regulations in certain industries.


VoIP services: Get your calls from wherever you are


Managed phone services hosted in the cloud help you do more than make calls.

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Although we love to communicate through typing, email, text and IM, picking up the phone still has its advantages and can drive results. Our Voice Over IP (VoIP) service delivers enterprise-grade phone system over the internet, giving you calls that are loud and clear — and much more.

Because it works anywhere with an internet connection, your employees never have to miss an important call. With simultaneous ringing to users' desk phones, mobile devices and group-call features, you can ensure that end users are always reachable. If a user is busy or can't take the call, the advanced PBX features can reroute the call to another person in the organization, ensuring the call always gets answered. Even if there is a network outage, calls can be delivered to users' mobile devices, home phones or other designated devices.

As a result, you can combine all of your phone, security and network needs in one easy-to-understand package. Plus, as a fully managed cloud service, there is no infrastructure to maintain or additional equipment needed to run your business phone system. Just plug a phone, laptop or mobile device into your network or internet connection and you're ready to talk.


Text & video chat services: Collaborate remotely


Connect your video, chat and file system and get on the same page.

Businesswoman using laptop and texting with cell phone in conference room.

In person communication is usually always best for doing business, but when it's just not possible to send employees out, you can do the next best thing with text and video chat services from mindSHIFT, a Ricoh company. Communicate remotely with employees or clients anywhere in the world and reap the benefits of real-time collaboration without the costs.


With text & video chat services you can schedule an audio or a video conference spontaneously with just one click and vastly improve efficiency as a result.

  • Send messages to colleagues in real-time, and keep track of the conversation.
  • Schedule an audio or a video conference spontaneously with just one click.
  • Share ideas, sketch drawings and write plans on a Ricoh virtual whiteboard that everyone can see.
  • Control the presentation as the presenter, pass the camera and mic off to a colleague, or automatically show the person who's talking.

We can help your business meet and collaborate efficiently and effectively — no matter where you are.


Email security services: Use encryption for added security


Tag outbound email for encryption at the email gateway.

Password entry.
If email security is top priority to you, we also offer encryption services to help you reduce the growing risk and complexities of business email management. Our services enable both administrators and end users to tag outbound email for encryption at the email gateway.

Encrypted emails can be sent from a desktop email client, web mail or mobile device. Your organization can set automatic encryption policies based on the content of the message, including designated keywords and attachment formats, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF files.

We engage Microsoft® Office 365™ as a software as a service, model and host all of your email data in secured data centers. With Office 365, you embed the power of Microsoft Office into your email. Since your files are automatically saved, secured and protected online, you can edit, save and email them internally and externally, from wherever your employees are, from any device, and can collaborate with others and see their input in real time — all without sacrificing the security your business requires.

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1The Total Economic Impact™ Of Microsoft Office 365, Online Meetings