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Legal Document Processing Services

Maintain peak workload capabilities and control costs.

Business Process

Most law firms say they're overstaffed -- and overcapacity is affecting profits at 60% of all law firms and 76% of the larger ones.*

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Legal document processing can add to internal staff count and slow productivity especially during peak workloads. With our end-to-end Legal Document Processing services – available on-site or off – you remain nimble, quickly adapting to varying workloads and accessing specialized litigation support anytime. Our Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services deliver the right mix of resources and technology. We assess your document volumes, workflow and staffing and deliver a tailored solution.


Improve flexibility to meet fluctuating demands


Be prepared for the ebbs and flows of legal caseloads.

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With our Legal Document Processing services, you have the right resources at the right time to meet your shifting legal workload. Leverage our comprehensive legal document processing capabilities to:

  • Improve flexibility to manage peak workloads while ensuring consistent turnaround times.
  • Process and manage many types of documents – forms, letters, emails, pleadings, discovery materials and more – and the specific formats they require.
  • Access the legal document processing and litigation support you need, when you need it.
  • Leverage specific skill sets for specialized legal document processing work.
  • Maintain high service levels and quality of work.
  • Spend more time on billable hours.
  • Use an on-site, off-site or hybrid model – whatever works best for your needs and makes the most economic sense.

Help reduce operating costs


Keep expenses in-line with legal document processing demand.

Group of coworkers collaborating efficiently

Maintain consistency, improve quality of work and keep pace with legal data processing demands.

Our solution helps to:

  • Shift internal fixed labor costs to an outsourced variable pricing model.
  • Reduce overhead by outsourcing legal document and word processing as needed.
  • Improve productivity by maximizing use of resources.
  • Minimize inefficiencies.
  • Reduce capital expenditures such as computers and real estate.

Standardize processes with workflows


Ensure consistency, quality and accuracy.

Woman hovering over computer working at desk

We can take your legal document processes from email job requests and manual logs to technology-driven workflows and collaboration. Reduce the burden on administrative staff by standardizing processes and workflows. Through a mix of workflow standardization, scalable staffing and the right technology, we deliver high quality results while minimizing inefficiencies and lowering operating costs.

Efficiently access and share your legal information between locations, so everyone has secured 24/7 access to information.


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* Altman Weil Chief Legal Officer Survey