Objectif Lune PrintShop Mail & PrintShop Mail Connect

Produce personalized communications easily with data composition and variable data printing tools

About Objectif Lune PrintShop Mail & PrintShop Mail Connect Variable Data Composition Software

Create and produce personalized promotional materials using powerful variable data printing (VDP) composition tools. PrintShop Mail enables rapid assembly and print by merging variable information into documents and sending jobs to output devices. With PrintShop Mail Connect in production print environments, you can design for both print and email with no need for plug-ins to external design software. Both offer drag-and-drop operation for ease of learning and use.


  • Improve campaign response rates by personalizing promotional documents with relevant images and messaging.
  • Reduce labor costs with drag-and-drop capabilities suitable for novice and expert users — no programming required.
  • Streamline the entire production print process by configuring print job criteria before you print and with embedded finishing commands.

Enable personalized document creation in minutes

The right VDP software tool is key to shortening time to market, enabling new revenue sources and improving response rates. Printshop Mail, which is ideal for environments in which design elements could come from any application, supports rapid assembly, mail merge and printing:

  • Prepare personalized materials such as direct mailers, flyers, letters or other types of promotional documents.
  • Use the barcode library wizards to add, for example, postal barcodes to save money on postage or QR codes for tracking purposes.
  • Speed throughput with advanced features such as page picking, subset finishing and printing through the stack.

Personalize both mail and email with rules-based dynamic elements

Shift your variable data document composition into high gear with PrintShop Mail Connect, which offers licensing and subscription options. Pull in images, copy and databases, and use the rules wizard to vary content based on gender, demographics or other descriptors. Simplify and streamline orders ranging from simple mail merges to high-speed complex print jobs:

  • Configure print job criteria before you print with N-up, step-and-repeat and other instructions.
  • Use existing resources such as leading design and database applications.
  • Add optional performance packs, Advanced Function Presentation™ (AFP™) and Intelligent Printer Data Stream™ (IPDS™).

Get up and running smoothly by engaging variable data composition experts

Be sure your software is set up and integrated to make it as efficient and user-friendly as possible. Our customer experience management specialists help clarify your objectives, customize and implement the software, train your staff and provide support. Work with experts in document composition, variable data printing, mail management and production print workflows.