CGS ORIS Lynx and ORIS Evaluate

Cloud-based color management software that delivers accurate, repeatable color profiles and reports

About CGS ORIS Lynx and ORIS Evaluate Color Management Software

Cloud-based ORIS Lynx color management software includes patented algorithms to calculate accurate, repeatable color and grays on digital presses, offset printers and monitors. All you need is a web browser and a spectrophotometer. After a few clicks you receive a downloadable device link or ICC profile. ORIS Evaluate, which is integrated into ORIS Lynx, provides detailed color reports that assist with cross-fleet color quality monitoring and trending to help you get the most out of your production printers.


  • Save money because you don't need to invest in on-premises computer hardware, software or maintenance.
  • Lower overall costs by reducing errors and rework — such as reprinting or manual file editing — and by minimizing downtime.
  • Maintain superb color quality and customer satisfaction by creating, saving and reusing device link and ICC profiles.

Obtain color-accurate results anytime, anywhere

Inconsistent or inaccurate color increases risk — customers may take their business elsewhere or you lose money on reprinting. Accessible from any web browser, ORIS Lynx provides the information you need to reproduce color correctly every time, even when you’re printing jobs using multiple devices in multiple locations. The software algorithms enable color-accurate reproduction, and they calculate the relationship among CMYK to balance grays and reduce toner or ink consumption.

Simplify color quality monitoring throughout your fleet

Armed with reports from ORIS Evaluate, you can set expectations with customers and operators, track consistency among devices and jobs, and fine tune production print device performance. Readings from your devices are sent to the cloud automatically, and the insights enable you to improve workflows in several ways:

  • Detect and correct quality variances.
  • Understand digital press capabilities and limitations.
  • Standardize a calibration method.
  • Receive email notifications to alert you or staff members of any warnings or failures on preset color conformance.
  • Create customized pass/warning/fail validations based on personalized target readings, selected test charts and specific press tolerances.

Compete fearlessly as a color management expert

Ask us to implement your ORIS software solution so you won't need to take time away from customers and jobs. Our color management specialists make the process smooth and easy. They have years of experience working in production print environments with software and hardware from many vendors, and their knowledge saves time and eliminates surprises.