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RICOH Communications Manager

Unify customer communications management with a configurable, secured, scalable platform.

About RICOH Communications Manager Hosted Workflow Solution

Enhance your customer communications management (CCM) strategy by leveraging a cloud-based automated workflow solution that’s focused on regulatory compliance. RICOH Communications Manager can be integrated with various components of a CCM solution, providing a single dashboard view and one point of control for managing CCM workflows. Data collection capabilities help improve communications, customer response rates and customer service as part of your production print operations.

*Product features, functions and technical specifications are subject to change prior to market availability.


  • Add new capabilities when workloads and customer expectations change, eliminating the need for a “new client, new build” approach.
  • Configure the solution your customers require without re-engineering communications workflows.
  • Combine data from multiple sources in the easy-to-use dashboard to enable analysis across print and digital channels.

Automate and streamline CCM in the cloud

RICOH Communications Manager is a scalable, hosted platform that allows you to configure customer communications workflows to meet diverse client needs. No need to bring in expensive programmers to build a solution from the ground up for each client or project. Create and manage your customer communications offerings based on the flexibility of the cloud:

  • Control costs by turning on or turning off applications such as RICOH ProcessDirector, Prisma, Quadient and other software, as needed.Onboard new clients quickly.
  • Meet regulatory compliance requirements such as HIPAA, PII, SOX and GDPR.
  • Connect to on-premises and cloud applications in one or more locations.

Improve customer satisfaction and loyalty

Leverage the RICOH Communications Manager workflow foundation, and you can respond quickly to changing customer and marketplace requirements:

  • Revise existing workflows or design new ones confidently, without worrying about IT vulnerabilities that can result from only select employees knowing the design of home-grown solutions.
  • Gather, compile and aggregate the numbers that allow your customers to measure success and make decisions regarding their CCM strategies.
  • Export reports that put business intelligence in the hands of your customers so they can manage their businesses better over time.

Go to market faster with our CCM software expertise

The less time it takes to get your CCM automated workflows up and running, the sooner your investment begins to pay off. That's why it may make sense to engage our CCM consultants and/or professional services team. Their experience with integrations in production print environments can help you avoid delays and potentially costly surprises.

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