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RICOH InfoPrint Transform Manager

Increase efficiency by standardizing print operations on AFP™ architecture

About Ricoh InfoPrint Transform Manager document converter software

Variable data, images and print files may need to be converted to take advantage of the secure, reliable Advanced Function Presentation™ (AFP™) architecture. InfoPrint Transform Manager automatically and transparently offloads datastreams and images to a dedicated system for transformation and returns jobs for printing. The transform software includes a Coordinator that accepts print requests; a Transform Server that converts the data using the appropriate conversion; and a web-based graphical user interface (GUI) that lets you perform many tasks, including defining which print servers and transform servers can communicate with the software.


  • Improve production print efficiency by standardizing print operations on the reliable, scalable AFP architecture and supported IPDS™ printers.
  • Share information quickly by converting PDF and PostScript files into AFP or by converting AFP files into PDF for electronic delivery, web presentment or printing.
  • Bring non-compliant PDF files into compliance with the current PDF specification.

Eliminate workflow bottlenecks with AFP transform converter software

If you depend on print servers to handle your transforms, you may be experiencing production slowdowns. Our transform software uses fast, dedicated processors to improve print production productivity, lower the total cost of print and increase device utilization.

  • Install the converter software on AIX®, Linux® or Windows® operating systems and configure it automatically with the help of a wizard.
  • Support black-and-white and full-color output.
  • Use multiple cores in a single processor, multiple processors in a single server, or blade servers.
  • Spread print jobs across multiple processors to improve speed significantly.
  • Add processors or blades as your requirements change.

Transform datastreams and images effortlessly

To aid conversion speed, InfoPrint Transform Manager document converter software ensures that PDF files are compliant with the latest PDF specification. When you use AFP and Intelligent Printer Data Stream™ (IPDS™) printers and their error-recovery capabilities, you’ll improve document integrity. Complete transforms rapidly and accurately:

  • TIFF, GIF and JPEG to AFP
  • PDF, PostScript 3, PCL and SAP to AFP
  • AFP to PDF

Leverage your print management and workflow software

Extend the capabilities of InfoPrint Manager, RICOH ProcessDirector and IBM® InfoPrint Server for Z/OS® by sending jobs to InfoPrint Transform Manager. It runs automatically with InfoPrint Manager for Windows® or AIX® or standalone with the use of a command line.

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System Requirements

Transforms available:
Adobe® PDF (v1.7) to AFP
Adobe PostScript 3™ to AFP
PCL (Level 6) to AFP
TIFF image to AFP
GIF image to AFP
JPEG image to AFP

Minimum Hardware Requirements

We recommend a server with the following minimum configuration. Your specific configuration needs will vary depending upon planned workloads: Intel® 64-bit platform (InfoPrint Transform Manager will run in 32-bit compatibility) or IBM® PowerPC® (for AIX® operating system)

Two 3.0 GHz or faster processors or a blade server with a minimum of two blades.
Minimum of 2 GB RAM.
DVD drive.
AIX 6.1TL06 with SP03 and above, 6.x where x>1, and AIX 7.1 TL00 with SP03 and above, 7.x where x>1 – 64-bit only.

Linux operating systems: SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) 10.0 SP3 and above, 64-bit, SLES 11.0 SP1 and above, 64-bit, Red Hat Linux 5.6, 5.7, 5.8, 6.1, 6.2, 64-bit only. Blades are supported only on SUSE Linux.

Windows Server 2008 64-bit.

Supported browsers include:

Mozilla Firefox 3.5.13 on AIX®
Internet Explorer® 9 or later on Windows®
Mozilla® Firefox® 5 or 6 on Linux®

Software Requirements

InfoPrint Manager V4.3 for AIX® or later, InfoPrint Manager for Windows® V2.3 or later, RICOH ProcessDirector V2.1.1 or later, or PSF for z/OS® V4R3 are required to print the transformed AFP output of InfoPrint Transform Manager. If you want to install InfoPrint Transform Manager in graphical mode, an XWindows system is required.

InfoPrint Transform Manager V3.0 can be ordered for electronic delivery, and it is managed with license keys.


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