RICOH Pro VC60000 Continuous Feed Inkjet Printer

Pro VC60000

Continuous Feed Inkjet Printer

ID: 719500

Explore Next-Gen Continuous Feed Inkjet

  •   Print up to 492 feet p/min
  •   Web width up to 20.47"
  •   Produce up to 1200 x 1200 dpi
  •   Personalize outstanding-quality communications with variable data printing
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Add value back into your printing

Your offset presses are great for long-run jobs when every page is the same. But customers may demand a more targeted approach with campaigns and related collateral, which require personalization, customization, versioning and last-minute changes. The RICOH Pro VC60000 combines high-speed printing with the ability to create targeted campaigns, and produce variable data printing (VDP) jobs that aren't possible — or profitable — to run on an offset press.

Help customers send the right message

To increase the value of print materials, customers need fast turnaround times and campaigns that are precisely tailored to their audiences. With the RICOH Pro VC60000's Variable Date Printing (VDP), you can print jobs precisely how and when a customer needs them, and include up-to-date addresses, content and images — all on the fly. Plus, the VC60000 can quickly turnaround complex custom print jobs with professional-looking, near-offset image quality.

Handle multiple data streams at rated speeds

The RICOH Pro VC60000 — with its TotalFlow Print Server R600A controller — can handle PDF, PostScript, JDF and Intelligent Printer Data Stream™(IPDS™) without putting job fidelity at risk. Additionally, the controller keeps pace with printer speeds and produces 1200x1200 dpi at 164 fpm (50 mpm) or 600x600 dpi at 394 fpm (120 mpm). Plus, operators can log into the intuitive interface either onsite or remotely for uninterrupted productivity.

Give each pixel a unique treatment

Drop-on-demand stainless steel printheads dynamically adjust ink quantities for each pixel, so ink is properly placed for the highest quality results while improving accuracy and reducing resources. Additionally, our high-viscosity, quick-drying pigment ink helps prevent smearing, bleeding or blotches. And with two 10-liter containers for each color, your operators can replace ink less often and on the fly, so there's less device downtime.

Turn up the temp and accelerate turnaround

Depending on paper type and ink coverage, drying time can complicate an otherwise well-planned job. Fortunately, the Pro VC60000 features climate controls. To accelerate the drying process you can activate an optional extended dryer to get projects out the door faster.

Want major efficiency gains? Add software.

By itself, the RICOH Pro VC60000 can help you increase revenue with variable data printing. Adding complementary software, however, lets you automate and streamline previously manual processes to accelerate operations, reduce errors and lower costs by even more. Check out our software solutions to capture and manage information, so it's always accessible to the people who need it, when they need it.

Need more information?

Learn more about the RICOH Pro VC60000 Color Continuous Feed Printer and how it may fit your business.


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