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Booklet Makers

CP Bourg Watkiss PowerSquare™ 224

A unique and innovative complete book making system for digital and offset print applications. To suit different workflows, it is available in three configurations, online, nearline and offline.

CP Bourg Booklet Maker BM-e

C.P. Bourg’s award winning booklet maker utilizes the latest technology with unparalleled quality and speed to produce on-demand booklets. The BM-e paper flow follows a stitch–fold–trim process with guaranteed set integrity, a maximum of 120 pages per booklet (30 sheets) and a maximum speed of 5,000 booklets per hour.



The stacker offers straight or offset stacking with a maximum output capacity of 5,000 sheets. Whether the output is destined for additional in-line or off-line finishing, it is delivered collated and ready for the next step in the finishing process.


C.P. BOURG BPRF Module (Perforator/Rotator/Folder)

The BPRF module perforates, rotates, and folds sheets into four-page signatures for perfect-bound books. All pagination and chapters are programmed as part of the job set-up to ensure complete book integrity.

Paper Handling

Roll Feed Module

The Roll Feed module expands your continuous run capability for high-volume applications like transactional printing and book publishing, while reducing paper waste and labor costs. With the Kodak Digimaster HD System, one roll can yield up to 60,000 sheets of 8.5 x 11 in. or A4 format paper. You can switch from 8.5 x 11 in. to 11 x 17 in., or A4 to A3, between jobs, without changing rolls.



The inserter allows you to add pre-printed sheets, covers and other media to catalogs, manuals, and similar applications to make them more compelling, more colorful, and more effective—and eliminates hand collation of inserts into a job. The inserter places sheets into the paper path post-fuser, so delicate pages are inserted smoothly and reliably without damage.

Perfect Binder

C.P. Bourg BB3302 Perfect Binder

The perfect binder module offers the versatility to produce smartly finished, perfect-bound books in a range of pages. It delivers up to 250 bound books per hour with a wide variety of cover types simply, easily and automatically. In-line or off-line binding is available.

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Explore software solutions
Explore software solutions

Explore software solutions

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Digital Book Manufacturing solution
Digital Book Manufacturing solution

Digital Book Manufacturing solution

Streamline data capture, track jobs and publish books on demand.

Print Workflow Automation
Print Workflow Automation

Print Workflow Automation

Provide the tools to run your print shop efficiently and profitably.