RICOH ICE (Integrated Cloud Environment)

Cloud computing productivity from your MFP

About Integrated Cloud Environment Cloud Printing and Cloud Scanning Solution

Take your productivity sky high with RICOH ICE (Integrated Cloud Environment)— the easy way to go digital without costly and complicated software. It saves you time by scanning directly to email or scan-to-cloud options for many popular cloud apps. ICE eliminates retyping of paper documents and enables simple, efficient mobile printing. Since Ricoh ICE is a cloud printing and scanning service, it takes little to no IT involvement to get started.

Discover newfound productivity with Ricoh ICE cloud printing and cloud scanning solution. Extend the capabilities of your multifunction printer (MFP) or Smart Operation Panel equipped single-function printer and streamline document conversion— while taking advantage of smart processing in the cloud. And all of our ICE packages come standard with mobile printing.

With Ricoh ICE, you get a cloud scanning and cloud printing service that can connect to many other cloud-based services. Through a simple, intuitive interface with large graphical buttons, you can access all of the activated services of ICE from your device’s touchscreen panel. As users add new services, they automatically appear in the menu displayed on the touchscreen.

ICE also enables processes such as optical character recognition (OCR), document indexing and file conversion to be performed in the cloud. It can even preserve complex tables and diagrams when converting documents. Once converted, electronic files can then be sent to other cloud-based services or delivered to an email address as a searchable text document.

Ricoh ICE currently offers five packages designed for your specific business challenges, with more industry-specific packages to come. These packages are tailored to the digital processes necessary for success in different environments. The packages include: Office, Advanced Office, Education, Legal and Printer.


  • Save time and improve productivity with cloud scanning and cloud printing that connects to 20+ other cloud-based services
  • Directly scan and route documents while making documents searchable, editable and easier to find with automated OCR and file conversion.
  • Quickly implement ICE with no system integration, software updates or maintenance—and print from your PC, tablet or smartphone.

Ricoh ICE Office Package

Paper documents are problematic, even for modern offices. With the ICE Office Package , you can digitize paper documents by converting scanned documents into multiple digital formats: Word®, Excel® and PDFs. Built-in Optical Character Recognition (OCR) capabilities makes your scanned documents searchable, editable and easily shared. Upload files using Dropbox™, Google Drive™, Evernote® and many other services. Since the ICE Office Package comes with mobile printing, employees can submit print jobs from their smartphones and tablets to any Ricoh ICE-enabled device and easily retrieve documents by entering a release code sent via email.

Ricoh ICE Advanced Office Package

Productivity suffers when employees have to manually re-create data or manage the mix of hardcopy and digital documents—whether working in the field or in the corporate office. With the ICE Advanced Office Package, they can transform documents scanned at the MFP into practical information that can be easily searched, edited and shared. Documents can also be scanned and uploaded directly through popular cloud apps such as G Suite™ (Google Apps), Office 365™, OneDrive® for Business, Salesforce® and many others. Mobile printing allows employees and guests to submit print jobs from their smartphones or tablets and retrieve documents at the nearest ICE-enabled multifunction device.

Ricoh ICE Education Package

The ICE Education package is designed to meet the unique needs of today’s digital-centric learning environments—simplifying processes for students and teachers while making information easy to share. With the ICE Education Package, students and instructors can transform printed and handwritten pages into more usable digital information. It eliminates traditional multi-step processes for uploading hardcopy information into cloud applications such as Dropbox™ and Google Drive™ or learning management systems like Canvas®. And documents can be printed from smartphones or tablets and retrieved at any convenient Ricoh ICE-enabled multifunction device on campus.

Ricoh ICE Legal Package

The ICE Legal Package brings relief for attorney’s facing increasing economic pressure from clients and legal assistants tasked with doing more—with less. Information trapped in paper files can be converted to digital documents that are easily searched, edited and shared. Uploading scanned documents into popular cloud applications like Office 365™, Google Drive™, NetDocuments® and others—is done in a single step. The ICE Legal Package also automates file preparation to meet specific court guidelines, such as file format and size, and Bates Stamping when unique identifiers are required to number documents. And to make printing seamless, attorneys, assistants and guests can mobile print right from their smart phone or tablet to any Ricoh ICE-enabled multifunction device.

Ricoh ICE Printer Package

Print anywhere— from your PC or mobile device— with the ICE Printer Package. Offering a pull-printing approach, the ICE Printer Package lets you retrieve documents from any ICE-enabled SOP-equipped single-function printer without installing print drivers or specifying a printer. Simply send an email with your file attached to the print cloud, wait for a release code sent via email back to you and then enter the secure code at any ICE-enabled single-function printer to retrieve your prints. With ICE Printer Package, there’s no need to be connected to any network and cloud print jobs can be submitted from PCs, laptops, tablets or smartphones.

Major Applications

  • Converting paper documents to digital information
  • Scan-to-email or scan-to-cloud mobile with powerful OCR
  • Cloud-based processing
  • Cloud-enabled mobile printing
  • Court eFile Prep and Bates Stamping

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Implementing this cloud software

No IT services required and no need for ongoing maintenance or software updates
128-bit encryption of documents during the scanning and printing processes from MFP
Ricoh’s Integrated Cloud Environment is within a SAS 70/SSAE compliant facility
99.9% uptime
Compatible with a wide range of devices, including smartphones and tablets