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Interoperability: Prepare Now to Pave the Way for Fully Connected Care

A four-step approach to evaluating current processes

Learn the 4 steps for a smooth path to connected care

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You’ve probably started the journey to full connected care. Yet, unless you have had the resources to implement a complete and comprehensive interoperability effort, you may still have areas that you need to address.

In our work with healthcare systems, we’ve identified a four-step approach that evaluates current processes, regardless of where you are on the path. In practice, they feature regular review, so even if your journey has stops-and-starts, you can be informed when you are ready to move forward.

We explore these four steps in our whitepaper, “Interoperability: Prepare Now to Pave the Way for Fully Connected Care.” You’ll also see: 

  • The impact of the healthcare consumer on the industry
  • Why meaningful use is only the first step
  • How data standards like HL7®, FHIR® and CCD® affect the interoperability “learning curve”
  • The importance of data capture for successful interoperability

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