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Webinar: Ransomware is flourishing

Are you prepared? Discover the latest in protection from ransomware.

November 16, 2022 at 2PM ET

Are you prepared?

See the technology transforming ransomware defense.
Cyber thieves love ransomware. It only takes one sneaky malware link clicked or attachment opened to lock down systems, holding computers, networks, and data hostage, bringing a company to a halt for days – or even months.
Most security practices focus on the perimeter, working to keep malicious scripts, apps, and software out. Cyber criminals don’t care that these may stop the majority of their attacks. It only takes that one success.
Device and network protection from ransomware today demands a new approach. 
In this webinar, Ricoh’s John Stewart and Bullwall’s Mike Lipniski and Don McCraw share the latest defense strategy. It works behind the firewall as a last line of defense with an automatic shutdown response and alerting to speed recovery and avoid the big costs and headaches associated with ransomware. 
See for yourself how it works. 

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