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Case Study: Ricoh / Syncplicity

Ricoh transforms the way we share and protect data company-wide.

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Ricoh could not allow information to lag behind the accelerating speed of mobile, especially when file sharing caused security, productivity and cost-related issues:


  • Thousands of employees shared data via FTP sites, bogging down systems and compromising security.
  • Workers bypassed servers, saving to their personal devices and cloud accounts. When employees left the company, data recovery was often impossible.
  • Interruptions to network servers stopped the flow of information, sending the IT team scrambling to resolve issues and get the mobile workforce back online.
  • Searching for lost information when laptops were replaced, misplaced or lost frequently cost the IT department significant time and resources.


"We anticipate about $1M in annual productivity gains with the new solution.”

Larry Pelletier
Vice President, IT Infrastructure
Ricoh USA, Inc.






With our goal to boost productivity while simplifying workflows and lifting the burden of inflexible compliance issues off the shoulders of our IT team, the Syncplicity automated collaboration solution made the most sense.


To reduce IT headaches and inefficiencies caused by data interruptions, lost information and security breaches, we consolidated and simplified our information management system across the enterprise by:

  • Implementing Syncplicity collaboration software to streamline file sync and share.
  • Increasing security and policy controls by setting security restrictions based on individual users, folders and documents.
  • Aligning the entire workforce with Syncplicity's user-friendly platform, changing employee behavior without altering workstyles.

These changes also give our mobile workers more freedom when it comes to accessing and sharing information, allowing them to work from anywhere in real time without compromising security.


About Ricoh / Syncplicity

Ricoh is a global technology leader that has been transforming the way people work for more than 80 years. Close to a century of developing information management solutions has prepared us for the challenge of realizing true information mobility, giving people the ability to access the right information quickly and make informed decisions that benefit everybody.


Everyone in our workforce can now create and share information on the go using multiple devices — including laptops, tablets and smartphones — without risk to security or worry about loss of data. With Syncplicity, files are automatically backed up and synced in real time, negating the need for FTP portals and email attachments. Users can save time when sharing information by simply linking to files stored in the cloud.

Approximately 99% of our mobile workforce has adopted the solution, allowing them to increase productivity and give IT more visibility when it comes to file sharing. At Ricoh, information now moves at the speed of mobile without compromising security or creating irretrievable data. We expect to see about $1M in annual savings by freeing up IT resources with more automation and less need for data recovery fire drills.

Ricoh has partnered with Syncplicity and can streamline information sharing and security for your business with Enterprise File Sync and Share