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Case Study: Paperless Storage in the Cloud 

Ricoh helps a national bank overhaul their paper-based processes 

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The loans department for a large national bank was struggling to manually process and service approximately 80,000 loans per month. The bank’s paper-based workflows required clerks to search through file cabinets and folders to locate specific documents. The clerks would then copy, fax or mail documents to loan officers — as well as external customers — every time there was a change in the loan.

It was a slow, inefficient process that required involvement from multiple departments, making even simple tasks incredibly time-consuming. It was clear that the clerks needed a way to speed up their processes — without compromising the security of their documents.






This national bank turned to us for a solution that would make it easier and more secure to store and retrieve the information contained within their documents. 


We responded by implementing DocumentMall, one of our content management systems.

DocumentMall provides a central repository in the cloud, so your documents can be accessed by authorized parties at any time and from any location. That kind of information mobility keeps productivity high, even when you step away from the office. It even offers audit trails for added security.

With DocumentMall you'll find:

  • Anytime, anywhere, any device access to your documents.
  • The power and flexibility of cloud computing.
  • No hardware or software to buy.
  • Affordable pricing that fits your needs.

About the customer

The client is a large national bank.

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With DocumentMall in place, we were able to give the bank's paper-based workflows a complete makeover. 

They now can scan information directly into the solution, categorize by document type, and add metadata tags so they can find the information they need, exactly when and where they need it. With DocumentMall's internal "cabinet" folder structure, clerks can stay organized down to the smallest detail. These features have helped boost productivity and provide an audit trail for changes — which is key when dealing with financial documents.