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Case Study: Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools

Ricoh implements centralized printing in a large school district.

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The Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools (MNPS) school district was struggling to manage its people, processes and equipment in a cost-effective manner. Standalone printers were prevalent throughout the district, many of which were outdated or inefficient.

As a result, many teachers purchased personal printers to make sure their needs were being met. Unfortunately, the district had no complete record of which printers they owned and which were personal, so IT struggled to manage them. Maintenance lagged — many issues weren't reported, or printers languished as inoperable for only minor issues like toner replacement.

Worse yet, the district had no central print strategy and management, so excessive costs and usage were rampant.

To address the problems, the district issued an RFP for a new document management strategy throughout the district. Three vendors presented solutions, each claiming up to $1.5M in savings. But, when pressed on how they could make it happen, the suggestions were vague.

“Once we realized how much we were actually spending on document management, we knew we had to develop a new, more efficient output strategy immediately.”

Tom Bayersdorfer
E-Rate Coordinator Technology and Information Services
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Amanda Redgate, a Ricoh consultant for Enterprise Solutions Delivery, offered more than generalities. She devised a comprehensive scope of work, including interviews, plant maps and web surveys — all backed by our legacy of affordable document management solutions.

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Our team conducted both a comprehensive assessment of the existing print environment to determine the needs of print users in the district. We used asset mapping software to locate and catalog all of the district's assets. We also implemented our @Remote software to monitor fleet activity and to compile raw data on existing networked printers.
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We recommended replacing all inkjet classroom devices with hub printing, which helps the district to regulate how many printers are deployed and to ensure proper maintenance on the devices. More importantly, the district can manage operating costs much more accurately.
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We also implemented the Ricoh TRAC solution to further streamline their workflows. TRAC is an easy-to-use, web-based reporting tool that allows the district to more efficiently monitor their people, spaces, assets and document management functions. Along with our PCS Director software, they can accurately track usage at each device in every school. 

About Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools

Metropolitan Nashville Public School is a large school district in Nashville, Tennessee that comprises 80,000 students and 10,000 staff in nearly 140 schools.

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With our help, MNPS was able to centralize printing and monitoring at about 30 schools within the district.

Each location has, on average, two large MFPs and one smaller MFP, and about 100 old devices have been removed from the fleet. With the new printing plan in place, the district is projecting to reduce paper costs by at least 30 percent. Some schools are leveraging an electronic portfolio through SharePoint to reduce costs even more.