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Case Study: James Graham Brown Cancer Center 

Digitizing medical records to help save time, money and even lives.

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The James Graham Brown Cancer Center had digitized the past 10 years' worth of patient records with much success, giving doctors and patients access to the information they needed when and where they wanted it. Yet, the center still had a large amount of older legacy paper documents — many of which still applied to patients currently receiving care.

These documents created numerous issues, such as:

  • A document retrieval process that wasted time
  • Onsite storage space that could be used for patient care
  • Costly offsite storage

The Brown Cancer Center knew that digitizing all their old files would solve many of their problems. However, they needed a process that would give them access to the paper records during the electronic conversion, along with airtight chain of custody and quality assurance.


“We now have zero boxes of old paper records. We’ve freed up room for more space. And Ricoh got all of the scanning done ahead of schedule — at a very reasonable cost.” 

Douglas Satterfield
Director of Radiation Oncology
James Graham Brown Cancer Center at the University of Louisville Hospital 






To help the Brown Cancer Center feel comfortable with our capabilities, we walked them through our rigorous chain-of-custody procedures and tight quality controls.

We also assured them they could review each batch of scanned documents to make sure they met expectations.

To speed up the process, we split the work between our facilities in Louisville and Indianapolis. And if they needed a document at any time during the conversion, all they had to do was make a call and we’d send it right over to them.

After scanning, we provided the digitized records on a DVD that was compatible with their enterprise management resource (EMR) system along with a backup on a secure hard drive.

About James Graham Brown Cancer Center at the University of Louisville Hospital

Guided by strong research, treatment and prevention programs, the James Graham Brown Cancer Center at the University of Louisville Hospital attracts some of the best minds available to fight the war on cancer. So when Kentucky residents need world-class treatment, they can get it right in their own home state.



What was supposed to be a six-month job, only took us three months to complete, which increased the center's productivity and decreased their costs. With all their records now stored digitally:

  • One person can now do the job of three.
  • Tasks that took minutes or even hours now require only seconds.
  • The hospital now has two additional rooms that can be used for patient care.

The Brown Cancer Center was so pleased at the results and had so much confidence in the backups, they gave us the go-ahead to destroy all of the legacy files.