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Doctor With Digital Tablet Talks To Woman In Hospital Bed.

See how accessible data empowers exceptional care

Regardless of its format and location — whether it’s digitized but in disparate systems, faxed in physician orders or on traditional paper forms — information is at the core of healthcare operations and patient care. From intake through discharge and many areas in between, all of that information has to connect, be useful and accessible where and when it’s needed.

​Ricoh is a well-known name when it comes to hardware such as copiers and printers. But Ricoh's expertise also focuses on communication, collaboration and coordination of healthcare data.

According to an article in Healthcare IT News, Ricoh is able to handle healthcare information in all its forms. As technology has forever changed healthcare, Ricoh evolved alongside. Today our expertise spans beyond traditional printers and copiers into areas such as communication, collaboration and coordination of healthcare data, streamlining workflows, automating processes and helping to secure data.
The Healthcare IT News article highlights three of our main focus areas.
Connected care
Scanning technologies digitize paper patient records, forms and other healthcare documents, and an order management platform automates pharmacy, lab and radiology orders.
Administrative efficiency
Solutions like Enterprise Content Management replace burdensome paper workflows, manual processes and costly paper. They work in place of or supplement existing computerized physician order entry (CPOE) systems.
Security and data governance
Protect electronic health records (EHR) with secured data and adhere to strict federal mandates for HIPAA HIPAA/HITECH, PCI, EHRs and other regulations.
Bringing data to life
Visit Ricoh at HIMSS 18 Booth 7321 and in the Intelligent Health Pavilion at Booth 1657 for demonstrations, theater presentations, specialty exhibits and discussions with experts in healthcare strategy. Or, find out more about Ricoh at HIMSS 18.

Manage content in all its forms

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