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Out Of Office Reality

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Work anywhere, anytime… but what about printing anywhere, anytime?

You can work practically anywhere, as long as you have a mobile device and an internet connection. It’s getting easier to collaborate and share files with others outside of the office. However, printing on-the-go is still a bit of a challenge. Lugging a personal printer around is impractical, so how do you handle it? Borrow someone else’s printer? What if you don’t have the driver you need to connect to their printer – or the time to install it? What if you have to authenticate on a network to connect to the printer? These details can quickly turn a simple print job into a complicated problem.

Let Cloud connect you

You already use the Cloud -- it powers apps on your smartphone or tablet. You may also use it for web-based email, to share documents, or to host virtual meetings. Why not leverage the Cloud to connect you to printers? When you send print jobs to the Cloud, the Cloud queues and holds them safely until you log in to a device with your username and password or simply enter a private release code. This means you can protect your documents from just automatically printing and sitting out – a feature you usually don’t have when you’re printing to a public printer.

Now you’re truly mobile

Printing when you’re out of the office lets you accomplish necessary tasks on-the-go. Need to quickly print presentation handouts, critical documents that need to be signed or notarized, or extra copies of your resume? The Cloud makes it easy! With mobile printing, you get more than just convenience. Printing through the Cloud lets you stay productive and avoid hang-ups. You have the advantage of free-flowing options for your data – including the ability to print when the situation calls for it. The Cloud gives you the best of both worlds: digital data for convenience and hardcopy data when you need it.