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Case Study: Ricoh Assisted Review Project Management

Daunting discovery task made easier by software that learns. 

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Litigation is an ongoing reality for any large healthcare organization. When the customer was the subject of a government investigation, they wanted to respond to discovery requests quickly. Even with a robust electronic-review platform, a traditional linear review of more than 400,000 documents would be costly and slow.

It was clear that they needed a better solution, and reached out to Ricoh's litigation support experts to help.


The assisted review approach recommended by the Ricoh legal solutions team enabled the healthcare services company to respond to the government agency’s request for production in a timely and highly cost-efficient manner. 






To review so many documents in such a short time frame, we recommended a solution that combined human expertise with kCura Relativity® Assisted Review software. 


With this computer technology, three attorneys examined approximately 1,500 documents apiece. After each review:

  • Relativity generated a statistical report.
  • Our team analyzed the information to assess the consistency of the reviewer's decisions.
  • The data helped “train” the software to conduct a valid, automated review of the remaining documents.

To ensure quality, attorneys reviewed and analyzed random samples of the kCura Relativity Assisted Review’s responsiveness.

On top of ensuring consistency and keeping the legal team on task, the Ricoh project manager also created an analytics index. This enabled natural-language searches to identify conceptual relationships between documents, which is much more robust than a flat keyword search.


About the customer

The customer is a large healthcare services company, operating hospitals and other facilities at numerous locations across the U.S.

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With the help of the Relativity software, as well as the successful, proactive project planning and execution, the customer's team only had to perform a manual review of three percent of the more than 400,000 documents.

This helped the organization respond to the government agency’s request on time and in a highly cost-effective manner. 
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