Students working in computer lab.

Case Study: ProctorU

Modernizing with centrally managed domain controllers, VPN connections, roaming profiles and more.

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Students working in computer lab.
ProctorU was growing beyond its start-up stature, yet its IT technology infrastructure was small. Workstations took too long to update, cutting into staff time and productivity. Manual audits for patches and operating system updates were time consuming and required constant attention. Computers needed to be updated to a Windows® 10 environment. There was no automated workstation disaster recovery to preserve data if a catastrophic event occurred. And the productivity of ProctorU employees bound to dedicated workstations was inhibited if problems arose with their device. It was time for a sweeping IT infrastructure overhaul.

"When Ricoh purchased mindSHIFT, I knew they would be just as good, if not better. It was always in the back of my mind to work with mindSHIFT if I needed help at ProctorU."

Matt Jaeh
Chief Technology Officer
ProctorU in Birmingham, Alabama






ProctorU had a change in CEO who recognized the importance of centrally managed domain controllers and other technology changes needed. But he was also aware the C-suite had other spending priorities to address. The Chief Technology Officer turned to mindSHIFT to help him make the compelling case for an IT technology overhaul.

mindSHIFT, a Ricoh company, put together the winning plan and price structure to significantly upgrade ProctorU's technology infrastructure. The key was setting up and connecting four local domain controllers at separate sites and establishing and integrating a fifth AWS cloud-based domain controller to meet backup and security requirements. Tied to each other through VPN connections, the controllers allow ProctorU to replicate active directory work groups for centralized workstation management and redundancy.

Roaming profiles, which store information on the server rather than the device, was also implemented to give employees quick and secure access to the information they need to work. In addition, mindSHIFT upgraded workstations to a modern, sustainable Windows® 10 platform and created a unified image that ProctorU now uses to centrally update workstations, apply applications and patches and set up new workstations at all of their locations.

About ProctorU

ProctorU, based in Birmingham, Alabama, is a prominent online testing assessment company. It has administered more than 2 million exams for educational and corporate test-takers in 129 countries, partnered with nearly 1,000 institutions and houses its staff of approximately 600 in four U.S. offices plus an international support center in the Philippines.


ProctorU has seen far-reaching benefits from their technology infrastructure upgrade with mindSHIFT. Employees are now more productive and able to stay on task. Central management of systems has increased IT staff efficiency in locating and fixing problems. And system updates and patch applications can be done quickly, with limited resources.

"Our workstations used to manage us. Now we're managing the workstations," said Matt Jaeh, Chief Technology Officer at ProctorU.