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Case Study: Philadelphia Eagles

Taking information management practices from good to great. 

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The Philadelphia Eagles made their debut in 1933 when the country was edging out of the Great Depression. The symbol of Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal program, the eagle, seemed like a good fit for a new, hopeful NFL team that has since won three NFL Championships, played in two Super Bowls and won Super Bowl LII in 2018. 
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We are proud to partner with Ricoh. Their dedication to getting information where it needs to be, when it needs to be there, and in the format it's needed, has been a major asset to our business and team.

Ari Roitman Senior Vice President of Business  Philadelphia Eagles





Presentator using a Ricoh whiteboard unit

Information is central to making sure no one fumbles. Coaches need reports and other documents quickly for meetings with players and staff so they can plot their path to victory. Fans, ticket holders and corporate sponsors expect the information they receive to have a high-end look and feel. The press covering games want information like stat sheets in their hands within minutes of a quarter’s end. With an eye toward innovation, the Eagles decided it was time to reevaluate how their document-related information is managed and delivered. They wanted to:

  • Implement reliable, uncomplicated secured printing and tracking for coaches and staff.
  • Bring production color printing in house to reduce costs.
  • Further improve environmental sustainability.
  • Find a dependable partner for service, support and solutions.
  • Optimize workflows, improve processes and leverage new technology.

The Eagles organization partnered with us to #WorkSmarter





Our partnership with Ricoh is everything you would want, but seldom find.

John Pawling Vice President of Information Technology Philadelphia Eagles

Due to overwhelming success, we are now an official partner of the Philadelphia Eagles. With the right processes, devices and services in place, the Eagles can now prepare for game days knowing they can manage and share information with confidence, thanks to:

  • High device reliability with RICOH @Remote, which automates meter reads and supply alerts, minimizing downtime and accelerating service requests.
  • Expert, reliable service when an occasional problem with a device occurs.
  • Improved document security with user authentication, which tracks who is printing what on which devices.
  • Waterproof play cards that don't tear or run, regardless of weather conditions. And there’s no need for lamination.
  • Support for environmental sustainability with print controls that reduce excess printouts and abandoned jobs, conserving resources. In a year's time, less paper usage has equated to 19.2 trees saved.
  • Reduced costs by printing marketing materials and play cards in-house, as well as decreased paper and toner usage.
  • A Ricoh interactive whiteboard is used during the Eagles Post-Game Show to annotate video and images to dissect plays, just like the coaches have the ability to do in their meetings.

More innovation is on the horizon. The Eagles plan to explore other ways to make information work even better, such as Business Process Services and workflow automation.


How We Did It


How We Did It

Eagles football team

The first thing we did was implement our Managed Print Services so we could make sure the right devices were in the right locations. We “rightsized” the fleet and installed new MFPs and a color production printer. But the solution involved a lot more, as we also brought in:

  • A dedicated service technician.
  • Remote device management software.
  • Print management software with personal identification number (PIN) authentication capabilities.
  • Waterproof stock used for sideline play cards.
  • Print controls to enforce black-and-white and duplex printing.
  • Interactive whiteboard technology.