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Case Study: Nebraskaland

Nebraskaland enhances performance by transitioning to a fully-managed IT services model.

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A number of issues surfaced as Nebraskaland outgrew their internal IT capabilities while managing their IBM® iSeries® production system in house:

  • The high cost of leasing production boxes and paying internal IT salaries began to outweigh the benefits of onsite hosting.
  • Interruptions during middle-of-the-night, peak-production times delayed mission-critical deliveries.
  • The small, four-person IT staff had to juggle many additional duties, including maintaining all desktop computers and handling late-night calls when equipment broke down.

In an effort to resolve these issues, Nebraskaland tried outsourcing their IT services, but the small provider they hired couldn't manage their complex IBM i system, and Nebraskaland still had to handle some IT issues themselves.


“mindSHIFT helped make our company run more efficiently — from warehousing to delivery.”

Dan Romanoff
Executive Vice President






In their search for an IT partner that could manage IBM i systems efficiently and provide 24/7 support, Nebraskaland found mindSHIFT, a Ricoh company, and our IBM i Managed Hosting services.

With two years left on Nebraskaland's iSeries production box lease, and considering the high cost of leasing a production box — anywhere from $200,000 to $250,000 — making the move to mindSHIFT before the lease for the server platform expired didn't make sense. mindSHIFT offered to replicate the Nebraskaland production box so the company could test their operations model during the term of the lease before transitioning to a high-availability IT services model located in the cloud.

Nebraskaland primarily wanted to reduce hardware costs and eliminate the need to fix IT-related issues in-house, and after gaining comfort in the operation model during the testing period, the company decided to move forward with mindSHIFT. Now, all responsibility for the IT infrastructure — including hardware, desktop support, networking and wireless access — has been handed over to mindSHIFT.

About Nebraskaland

Nebraskaland is New York metro’s largest distributor of boxed beef, chicken, pork, lamb, veal and variety meats, and has served the meat industry for five generations. As the company name and logo suggest, the values of the early American heartland, such as a focus on building strong relationships and working hard and efficiently to meet customer needs, are very important to this family-owned business.



With all of their mission-critical servers located in mindSHIFT data centers, Nebraskaland is now enjoying a substantial reduction of hardware costs. The company is also benefiting from extra protection: An additional production box is replicated in real time at mindSHIFT’s Minnesota data center for disaster recovery, ensuring that if anything goes wrong, Nebraskaland has a solid, back-up recovery plan.

The company is happy to note that one problem arose in the middle of the night during peak-production time that couldn't be handled remotely, and mindSHIFT technicians rushed to the site immediately to resolve the issue. mindSHIFT’s 24/7 support is only a small part of the services that Nebraskaland receives. Technicians visit Nebraskaland monthly to talk with executives and employees about possible issues, perform maintenance, install updates and more. It’s all in an effort to keep the system operating smoothly and help Nebraskaland deliver a high-quality product on time.

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