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Case Study: Healthcare eDiscovery 

Ricoh delivers a full range of cost-effective eDiscovery and document solutions

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This particular client is unique in that it did use Ricoh for some of its document solutions and professional services throughout the organization, it used another provider for its electronic data collection.

When a small matter came up that was being handled by one of the organization's outside local counsel, both the local and the in-house counsel saw an opportunity to test our eDiscovery capabilities.

After successfully completing several eDiscovery projects, the healthcare organization relied on our full set of eDiscovery and document processing solutions in a global products liability matter involving approximately 75 lawsuits.





We set up a plan to provide critical support for the discovery process in the products liability litigation. 

The plan included Ricoh’s certified forensic examiner and senior project manager accompanying the lawyers on custodial interviews at multiple locations in France, England and the United States to identify relevant paper and electronic documents.

In addition to the onsite data collection, we also employed Remlox for forensically sound, defensible remote data collection, eliminating the time and expense of having to travel to several different locations.

The team then began the process of scanning and coding more than one million paper documents at Ricoh’s London and U.S. offices, while maintaining strict chain-of-custody requirements. We made the resulting data collection available to the organization’s attorneys for review on our hosted review platform.

About the customer

The customer is a global healthcare products company with manufacturing facilities located in several countries. The company’s market-leading products help healthcare professionals deliver the highest standard of care.

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The Ricoh team collected approximately 15 terabytes of data in the course of the discovery process. 

Using a number of technologies to filter the data to remove duplicates, system files and other irrelevant data, the team was able to reduce the amount of data hosted for review to one terabyte. Overall, our team delivered a full range of cost-effective eDiscovery and document solutions for the healthcare organization, providing expert advice and advanced technologies.