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Case Study: First Level Review 

Expediting document review for a data breach

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When a data breach from a phishing scam occurs, the results can be devastating. Our customer found that out first hand when their network was attacked, and the personal health information (PHI) and the personally identifiable information (PII) of clients, donors and employees was compromised.

To meet HIPAA and IRS requirements, they had 13 days to send out notification letters to those affected. To do so, they first had to review more than 77,000 multi-page documents that potentially contained PHI or PII, and compile a comprehensive list of names and the types of information compromised. On top of the tight timeline, work needed to begin the Friday before Thanksgiving and continue despite holiday and weekend interruptions.

For help, the customer’s outside council reached out to Ricoh's legal services team.

Ricoh’s First Level Review delivered a scalable and effective solution to overcome the challenging document review. This service enabled outside counsel to accomplish an expedited review and deliver exceptional legal services for their client. 






We provided First Level Review with licensed attorneys to perform quick initial document reviews, as well as secure review centers and expert project management. 

After being contacted on that Friday before Thanksgiving, the team had an electronic document review site with customized coding templates ready for the outside council’s attorneys and reviewers the following Monday.

About the customer

The customer provides support to disabled persons, such as case management, vocational services, affordable and accessible housing and residential support. They partner with donors and volunteers to ensure the success of their mission to enrich the lives of persons with disabilities.



Over the course of the next ten days, a team of 81 attorneys:  

  • Performed an initial review of the more than 77,000 documents in four days.
  • Compiled a list of names and coded about 50,000 documents with the types of PHI and PII they contained.
  • Forwarded some documents to the outside council’s attorneys for a secondary review.
  • Created another list of 4,200 documents that contained more than ten names and necessitated a more extensive review. 

When finished, the reviewers delivered Excel documents with all of the data on the Thursday after Thanksgiving, exactly 13 days after the process began. With the information in hand, the company not only beat the tight deadline and met compliance, but their outside counsel could also quickly create letters that met the legal requirements based on the PHI and PII involved for each person.

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