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Case Study: Children's Friend and Family Services

Children's Friend and Family Services takes information management to the next level.

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As Children’s Friend and Family Services grew and faced increasing technological challenges, their local IT service provider responded with reactive solutions that only exacerbated their difficulties:

  • Staying connected and collaborating effectively became problematic as the workforce reached 200 employees dispersed over four offices.
  • Hosting electronic medical records in a separate environment (to meet their HIPAA privacy and security standards) added another layer of technical complexity.
  • The provider's fragile, aging desktop environment could not support a reliable or stable IT infrastructure capable of keeping up with the nonprofit's expanding needs.
  • Excessive downtime and service calls wasted too much time that workers could have used to engage with clients.

“With mindSHIFT, we’re able to leverage expertise that you couldn’t buy or staff economically within an organization like ours."

Anthony Castiglione
IT Director
Children’s Friend and Family Services






Children’s Friend and Family Services sought to align with a highly capable IT services provider, and when mindSHIFT, a Ricoh company, said that the time had come to move to the cloud, the nonprofit knew they had found the right choice.


With the goals of improving data management, enhancing security, enabling disaster recovery and freeing workers from the day-to-day headache of dealing with system response issues, the agency partnered with mindSHIFT to:

  • Free up space and improve connectivity by moving the desktop operating system to a server in mindSHIFT’s data center — eliminating the need for a server room.
  • Maintain their HIPAA compliance by keeping sensitive client data in mindSHIFT’s secured server rather than on laptops and other devices that could be lost or stolen.
  • Streamline processes and reduce the risk of compromising information by moving from an outmoded data center to a highly accessible and protected IT infrastructure.
  • Empower workers with the ability to easily collaborate in a secured environment through authenticated anytime, anywhere access to the cloud.

About Children’s Friend and Family Services

Children’s Friend and Family Services is a nonprofit agency with four offices in Massachusetts. The agency has been dedicated to helping diverse families improve their lives for 175 years. Today, their main focuses are counseling children with behavioral health issues and addressing circumstances such as children’s mental health services, teen parenting and juvenile court services.



Children’s Friend and Family Services has drastically reduced the need for support calls and enjoys high performance with mindSHIFT. When issues do arise, mindSHIFT’s 24/7 support team provides the responsiveness and technical expertise needed to solve them quickly.

With client data located in the secured mindSHIFT server, the nonprofit achieves their HIPAA compliance without the need for an additional hosted environment. Plus, workers are able to easily access their data remotely, giving them the time to stay focused on what’s important: providing therapeutic support to families and children who need help with the challenges they face.

The agency believes that the robust IT infrastructure offered by mindSHIFT is a replicable model that typical nonprofit operating budgets can manage. Learn how these Cloud and IT Services can help your small- to medium-sized nonprofit.