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Case Study: Calderhead, Lockemeyer and Peschke

See how one law firm gained a trusted IT partner.

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One day, Calderhead, Lockemeyer and Peschke Law Office’s server crashed. It was at that time the office manager discovered the firm's IT provider had neglected to keep its IT infrastructure up to date.

Disappointed and frustrated, the firm decided it was time to find a vendor it could actually rely on. Plus, they were preparing to move to a larger office and wanted to minimize the required storage space in the new location. They realized that they would also need a way to scan and digitally store their case files.

“On the scanning side, we receive very fast turnaround, which makes our paralegals and attorneys very happy. And the IT support makes my job a whole lot easier and frees me to spend my time on core activities. Working with Ricoh has just been a great decision.” 

Lisa Hilderbrand
Office Manager
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When our Ricoh IT Services rep came in, she pointed out things that the firm should do before switching to a cloud-based server. Those suggestions helped make the office manager feel like we were the trustworthy partner she needed.

In addition to the cloud-based servicer, the Ricoh IT Services team: 
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Upgraded the firm’s firewall. 
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Handled software-related issues. 
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Provided 24/7 help desk support through our IT Services. 
To reduce the number of physical case files at the firm, we scanned and stored them offsite. We not only made their files searchable — we also provided a solution that allows employees to redact or manipulate PDF files in house. 

About Calderhead, Lockemeyer & Peschke

Calderhead, Lockemeyer & Peschke Law Office is a law firm of five attorneys based in Milford, OH. The firm defends doctors, lawyers, nurses, hospitals, nursing homes, insurance companies, governmental entities and other professionals and businesses threatened with allegations of inappropriate conduct and behavior.

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With the firm’s network greatly improved and future-proofed as much as possible, we proved ourselves to be the type of trusted adviser they were looking for. 

Since scanning is now such an important part of Calderhead's workflows, the next step is to implement a more robust in-house solution to help them digitize and easily distribute other documents like mail, invoices and medical research. 
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