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What are you doing to prepare for the future of interoperability?

by Aline Liu

Are you certain your organization is doing everything it can to embrace interoperability? Do you wonder if you could be doing more?

Interoperability isn’t another passing fad. Changing market forces, such as value-based care reimbursement models and the need to effectively manage population health, are driving the need for more interoperable health systems. And on top of that, the demand for closer collaboration among providers, payers and patients, and the rise of the healthcare “consumer” are all creating real pressure for a level of data sharing that can only be achieved with people and technologies working together as seamlessly as possible.

So where does your organization stand? If you are not positioned as well as you’d like to be for information accessibility and mobility, there are several strategies you can implement to prepare for what you need to excel in the future of healthcare, including:

  • Get laser focused on interoperability. Going forward, consider any technology that you upgrade, add or invest in with an eye toward its future usefulness in an interoperable healthcare world. Discard your siloed technologies in favor of more flexible tools.
  • Invest in technology and partnerships. Internally, invest in IT staff with the skill sets to implement the solutions you’ll need to make interoperability a reality in your organization. Externally, invest in strategic partnerships with vendors who can help you develop a road map for the next five years or longer. Indeed, such partnerships are vital to helping you to get ahead of the curve and move quickly on new technologies and opportunities.
  • Evaluate current processes. By evaluating current processes for the capture, access, and sharing of data, you can help set the stage for interoperability success. There are four simple steps you can take to assess current procedures, including 1) analyze the current state of operations, 2) document your processes, 3) find the gaps and inefficiencies 4) identify ways to fill those gaps. 

Healthcare Trend Report 

Prepare now to pave the way for fully connected care. Read our complimentary report about how you can get prepared for the future. 
Interoperability is really about to get under way in earnest. Don’t be lured into thinking you’ve got all the time in the world to get ready for it.

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