Corporate social responsibility: Why it matters and how to get it right

Aside from being a moral obligation, there are many practical reasons for companies to embrace corporate social responsibility.

Today’s consumers aren’t just looking at price and brand reputation when making purchasing decisions. A company’s actions on sustainability and other global issues matter to them. Furthermore, prospective employees favor companies with strong CSR records so much so that often they are willing to accept a pay cut for a socially responsible company.
In this eBook, find out what forces are driving businesses to take a stand on issues, followed by a guide to creating an effective corporate social responsibility program with illustrations of companies already doing it right.

A business that can demonstrate it is making a concerted effort to solve a particular problem will go a long way in gaining the respect of customers, as well as support from a new wave of employees who value altruism.

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"Why corporate responsibility matters and how to get it right"