3 steps to maximize success in the new world of care

by Michael Campana
It’s an exciting time in healthcare.

New advancements in communication, technology and the way care is delivered are paving the way for improvements throughout the care continuum. While change always comes with challenges, those who are able to view these shifts as opportunities for improvement are likely to enjoy benefits including increased efficiency, lower costs and more connected care.

In order to leverage the positive impacts of these changes and maximize success in the new world of care – especially as it relates to security and compliance – start by addressing the following key steps:

The increase in healthcare breaches and cyber attacks has resulted in stronger technologies and more advanced safeguards that can protect valuable healthcare information.

1. Be proactive

Security and compliance regulations and processes are constantly changing. Rather than resisting or reacting to these shifts, look for areas within your healthcare organization where you can prepare for the new world of quality-driven care. This doesn’t mean you have to implement a complete overhaul. Instead, think about your day-to-day workflows and processes and start there. For example, switching from paper to digital processes. While not all healthcare organizations have made this transition yet, it’s one that is likely to improve internal and external communications which can save you time, money and headaches.

2. Make long-term technology decisions

The increase in healthcare breaches and cyber attacks has resulted in stronger technologies and more advanced safeguards that can protect valuable healthcare information. In addition, many of these advancements can adapt to compliance changes quickly and effectively. When selecting which applications are best for your organization, go beyond implementation, and also consider how they fit into your broader organizational security strategy. Opt for solutions that not only address problems at hand, but that can play a part in the long-term success of your organization.

3. Get your team invested

The more you help your entire staff understand the importance of security and compliance, the more impactful your results will likely be. Help your staff adapt to new security protocols and regulations by developing educational programs that inform them how to properly utilize safety measures throughout the health system. Having a deep understanding of how security and compliance protocols impact risk can also reinforce the importance of taking precautions and help your team work with confidence.

So, what are you waiting for? As a leader in the new world of care, take hold of the opportunities brought about by change to create a more efficient and effective healthcare environment for your team – and your patients.

Improve security and compliance in the new world of care

Start by addressing three key areas.
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Michael Campana
Michael Campana joined Ricoh in 2012 as Senior Manager of Healthcare Marketing. He brings 27 years of experience to the role to lead the market positioning and strategy for Ricoh’s healthcare industry vertical in the Americas. Campana began his career in the healthcare industry upon graduating from the University of South Florida. He has worked for a number of healthcare organizations, including most recently Siemens Medical Solutions Health Services.