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3 data management strategies to help you reach your ACO goals

by Laurie Eldridge-Shanaman
Is your healthcare organization meeting its data delivery, quality and accuracy goals?

Whether you define accountable care simply as the Medicare Shared Savings Plan, or more broadly as a way to lower costs while delivering higher quality care, the bottom line is that it’s no longer enough to just say you’re improving patient care. You need to back it up with accurate facts and figures. Otherwise, you risk hurting your own bottom line by losing out on reimbursements and incentives based on value-based care models.

Efficiently and consistently capturing, transforming and managing all that data is often easier said than done.

While most accountable care organizations (ACOs) are groups of doctors, hospitals and other healthcare providers, like yourself, who come together to coordinate patient care, individual providers often have their own EHRs and unique ways to identify their patients. If not managed properly at the ACO level, the disparities may lead to mistakes in care and billing.

Fortunately, there are several effective ways to combat these challenges.

While becoming or joining an ACO may not be for every healthcare provider, the Department of Health and Human Services is aiming to tie 30% of Medicare payments1 to quality and value payment models by the end of 2016 — and 50% of payments1 by 2018. If you’re hoping to take advantage of the ACO payment model, the time to start effectively managing and using data to meet your ACO goals is now.

Attain your ACO goals

Don't risk hurting your bottom line by losing out on reimbursements and incentives based on value-based care models. 

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1 Better, Smarter, Healthier: In historic announcement, HHS sets clear goals and timeline for shifting Medicare reimbursements from volume to value. U.S. Department of Health & Human Services. January 26, 2015.