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Performance Improvement


Outdated back-office processes slow down decisions, go-to-market plans, critical customer communications and more. Our manufacturing productivity experts can recommend an automation strategy and implement digital workflows to innovate and expedite services delivery throughout your organization.

Digital transformation can improve performance in offices, plants, warehouses and distribution centers. Where to begin? Data and paper-based processes. Digitize data to make it easy to store, locate and use. Integrate lines-of-business processes to further improve information flow. Implement secured anytime, anywhere access to technology and information to minimize operational hiccups. Pursue continuous improvement with data analytics related to enterprise print, IT resource management, device optimization and more.
Digital transformation, however, can increase the burden on IT and costs for personnel, infrastructure, security and so on. If your IT team handles everything from help desk support to strategic technology planning, something has to give. With our fully managed Print Platform Cloud Service, you can remove servers, put your print infrastructure in the cloud and let us handle print management.
Advanced Document Capture Services automatically classifies, sorts, indexes, tags and extracts data from paper-based files and unstructured digital formats like Word or PDF. Store data onsite, in the cloud or both. You’ll reduce the costs of managing and storing paper, increase data security and improve manufacturing compliance. Enterprise Content Management Services provides a single repository to hold your organization’s content, providing even more opportunities to automate workflows and lower costs.

Services and solutions

  • Digital Rights Management

    Enhance information security with data protection that helps keep your most valuable information assets safe, even when they're outside of your IT infrastructure.

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  • Managed Print Services - Print Platform Cloud Service

    Safeguard information and improve user experience. Put your print infrastructure in the cloud, where we monitor and manage it.

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  • Enterprise Content Management Services

    Lower costs by organizing and storing digital data in a SaaS repository. Automate workflows, create audit trails and more.

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  • Managed Cloud Services

    Get managed public, private and hybrid cloud services specifically designed for your unique security, compliance, privacy, and governance requirements.

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  • Intelligent Delivery Services

    Deliver mail to employees wherever they are so they can act on it immediately. Digital deliveries are tracked and compliance-friendly.

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  • Collaboration Services

    Strengthen teamwork and communication with remote collaboration tools. Cut travel costs related to meetings, training and product demos.

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  • Consulting

    Achieve performance improvement faster with guidance from manufacturing consultants who focus on business process efficiencies and cost reduction opportunities.

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  • Service Advantage

    Enable cost-effective expansion by standing up a professional services organization nationally or internationally using our trained, certified technicians.

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