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Applied Analytics 


Manufacturing analytics show you how to enhance operational efficiency, improve collaboration and increase cost savings. Our solutions help by digitizing and organizing data, enabling information mining and harmonization, and revealing actionable insights. 

Let the numbers tell the story. But that’s extremely difficult when information is trapped on paper and in paper-based workflows and filed in desk drawers, file cabinets or storage boxes in warehouses or offsite facilities. A manual effort to identify, find, extract and evaluate data relevant to a business decision? Daunting, to say the least, and detrimental to productivity when workers spend chunks of time looking for the information they need.

Digital data, however, can be easily organized, searched, edited, shared and mined. Begin your digital transformation with Advanced Document Capture Services, which automatically classifies, sorts, indexes, tags and extracts data. Store data in a central repository, such as our Enterprise Content Management Services SaaS solution, and your workforce can communicate and collaborate via automated workflows. With easy access to data, including audit trails, your lines of business have comprehensive visibility and control. You’ll not only speed day-to-day operations but also lower costs.

Not sure where to start? Bring in our manufacturing process improvement experts. Consulting services include assessment, recommendations and strategy development. 

Services and solutions

  • Web Content Management Services 

    Leverage end-to-end web content management and digital marketing automation to rapidly deploy, manage and optimize your websites and customer-facing digital content.

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  • Managed Print Services - Print Platform Cloud Service

    Lower IT costs with a cloud-based print infrastructure, which we'll monitor and manage. Print usage insights help improve cost accounting.

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  • RICOH Analytics 

    Let our experts help improve your operational efficiency with strategies for information mining and harmonization, asset rationalization and omni-channel communications. 

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  • Advanced Document Capture Services

    Reduce the cost of managing information by digitizing paper documents and by organizing unstructured data. Simplify collaboration with central data storage.

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  • Cost Management Solutions

    Implement safeguards to help prevent printing mistakes. Improve print management with automatic job routing, visibility into usage details and more.

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