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Claims & Policy Management 


Managing policies and claims involves lots of forms, records and communications. A workforce that relies on paper files operates at the speed of paper. Instead, digitize data and let it flow through customized, automated insurance workflows that enhance productivity, security and compliance. 

When you manage property and casualty insurance policies, claims and appeals with outdated, manual processes, service delivery can be slow, cumbersome and expensive, especially at first notice of loss. As you add customers, you may need to hire more workers, but this strategy increases cost and the risk of errors, which can complicate security and compliance.

We can help by digitizing information and replacing manual work steps with flexible, automated processes. A good place to start? Advanced Document Capture Services, which allows you to digitize paper documents upon arrival and process them in digital workflows at digital speed.

Customer Communications Management & Mail Services streamlines communications related to policy and claims management. For example, you can present statements electronically and shorten payment cycles with e-billing solutions. And, a fresh approach to mail management can eliminate bottlenecks in your mail room or print-and-mail operation.

Records Management Services provides a lifecycle strategy for insurance records management that addresses disaster recovery and eDiscovery readiness. With records in a digital repository instead of file cabinets or offsite storage, you can better support compliance requirements and manage information cost effectively. 

Services and solutions

  • Claims Processing

    Simplify and speed reporting, compliance and claims processing. Replace manual processes with automated insurance workflows tailored to your requirements.

  • Advanced Document Capture Services

    Scan incoming paper documents to feed digital workflows. Turn Word or PDF content into searchable, editable and shareable information.

  • Document Composition as a Service

    Keep your workers and software up to date with internal/external compliance requirements. Incorporate version controls, approval processes and security.

  • Customer Communications Management & Mail Services

    Improve ROI and productivity with integrated marketing solutions, e-billing solutions, production print managed services, mail management and more.

  • Forms Management Services

    Convert paper into editable e-forms, automate review/approval workflows and incorporate forms into your enterprise content management system.

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