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Campus Mail and Packages

Automate and modernize your campus mail center.

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87% of current college students considered their institution’s technology offerings when selecting their college.*


Ricoh's managed Campus Mail and Packages solution includes the people, technology and processes to streamline every aspect of your campus mail.


Go from an outdated mail room to an updated, technology-enabled mail center


See why managed campus mail operations are a win-win for you and your students.

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Picture your campus mail center. If you see long lines of students and rows of empty letter-sized mailboxes, it's time to rethink your approach. Packages have replaced letters, and they require an entirely different setup for students, who expect everything to be both fast and high tech.

Give students the experience they prefer — and boost your bottom line. Our managed Campus Mail and Packages solutions help you:

  • Reduce labor costs
  • Use space efficiently
  • Fix broken processes
  • Improve quality and security
  • Identify point-of-sale (POS) opportunities

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Upgrade to a full-service campus mail center that's customized for your needs.


If you're not sure how to turn your mail center into a more positive experience, don't worry — that's our job. Every solution we deliver is customized, and based on the best practices for managed campus mail that we've identified during the past 20 years. Your automated, full-service center can be up and running quickly with these or other components:

  • A mail concierge(s)
  • TRAC software, a web-based tracking and reporting tool
  • Package kiosks and shredder kiosks
  • High-density rolling mailboxes
  • Intelligent lockers
  • Shipping systems
  • Retail POS systems
  • Third-party vendor management
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Operate with increased efficiency and security


Impress students with one-stop shopping and self-service.


See how Ricoh helped Clemson University revamp their mail center and reduce student package pickup wait times from 40 minutes to an average of just over one minute.


Engage prospective students with personalized direct mail


Make your high-volume communications go further, drive students to take action, and lower your marketing costs per acquired student. 


With the help of a trusted and experienced print and mail partner, you can:


  • Capture print and mail revenue currently going to outside vendors.
  • Take advantage of USPS bulk mail and presorted discounts.
  • Eliminate the challenge of meeting document guidelines, hard deadlines and USPS regulations.
  • Communicate electronically with students, eliminating paper and postage costs.
  • Create calls to action through custom, personalized URLS and track site visits.
  • Go to market faster and send during key times of the year with quick turnaround times.
  • Grab students’ attention with new mailing trends and techniques.
  • Improve your response rates using list cleansing, and see analytics on delivered mail.
  • Create a more effective campaign by weaning out uninterested parties.
  • Help place the right document into the right envelope to mitigate FERPA and HIPAA risks.

Ricoh’s Production Print & Mail for higher education services can also help you effectively reach donors and alumni, highly sought after student athletes, university staff and more. We can also help make sure your university communications get printed and sent in the event of a disaster or emergency with our Print & Mail Continuity for higher education.

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* The 2011 CDW-G 21ST-Century Campus Report.