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IFMA 2019

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IFMA Phoenix 2019

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This year's IFMA's World Workplace 2019 Conference and Expo will take place in Phoenix, Arizona on October 16-18. While companies have embraced digital transformation as a key strategic initiative, they are looking for new, innovative ideas to engage their workforce and improve their customers' experience, eliminating the inefficiencies that slow growth and raise costs. At Ricoh, our services and solutions help transform the way people work with a focus on empowering digital workplaces. Specifically, our technology optimizes work environments allowing employees to easily collaborate, mitigates the risk associated with the high cost of returned mail and tie analytics back to business objectives and strategic roadmaps.

man using Ricoh D8600BK interactive whiteboard

Work smarter, faster and better than ever before

We provide solutions and services to innovate the modern workplace — focusing on a world that is interconnected, always on and with expectations that information is continually available. We eliminate physical distances to bring people together to collaborate, share and communicate. Our Workplace Productivity Services allow you to:

  • Avoid the hassle of scheduling and setting up meeting rooms.
  • Provide a warm welcome and give your customers the option of self-service interactions in your busy reception area.
  • Provide asset management, automated replenishment, package delivery and personal storage space.
  • Interact face-to-face and collaborate on documents in real-time.
  • Host or join conferences from any connected computer, mobile device or legacy video conferencing equipment.

Maximize meeting room usage

Save valuable money on un-utilized or under-utilized meeting rooms. Our Meeting Room Services offer world-class customer service, coupled with innovative technology, to help you book, organize and optimize your in-person meetings. Now, you can book onsite meetings, capture real-time physical occupancy rates and meeting room traffic patterns — all through an easy-to-use centralized dashboard. In today's digital world — large, expensive office spaces are a thing of the past. Instead, organizations like yours are decreasing their physical footprint while utilizing technology that enables employees, clients and customers to collaborate and share big ideas faster than ever before.

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Get the right mail in the right hands in the right format

Inbound communications such as invoices, forms, orders and applications are critical to your business, but your mailroom might not always be the best place for speed and efficiency. Our Intelligent Delivery Services automates your inbound mail and delivery. For each piece of incoming mail, a digital record is created which is then delivered to an individual's secure employee email inbox. Employees can select the format in which they would like to receive mail — ensuring delivered mail is never left sitting out in the open when employees are working remotely. Now your employees will receive their mail in the right format regardless of their physical location — helping you make faster, more informed business decisions.


Tackle rising returned mail costs

When mail is Undeliverable As Addressed (UAA), it may be returned to your organization. Critical mail that is never seen by the intended recipient breaks connections customers, letting hard-won relationships quietly slip away. We can help you hold on to your existing business relationships before they are lost with Ricoh's Return Mail Services. Return Mail Services provide businesses with a repeatable handling process for UAA mail that automates the process of collecting, storing, sorting and delivering. Keep customers, reduce the volume of cost of Returned to Sender (RTS) mail, improve UAA mail management and reposition the mail center from that of a cost center to a value-add piece of an overall business strategy, with our Return Mail Services.
analyze data

Extract valuable insights from data

You understand your business goals. Our consultants understand analytics and can help you build and execute upon your strategic roadmap. We can help you tie analytics back to business objectives and strategic roadmaps. Ricoh Analytics services focus on the process of identifying relevant data, aggregating and modeling that data and applying ongoing analysis to identify data driven savings and improvement opportunities. Go beyond reports — get answers.

Visit us at IFMA's World Workplace 2019 and let's talk more about how Ricoh can help you operate more efficiently and effectively.

We can't wait to see you there!