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HIMSS19: Let's keep the conversation going. 

By Michael Campana

Change habits. Transform information. Improve lives.

Let's keep the conversation going.

Another HIMSS is in the books! More than 40,000 of healthcare's best and brightest converged in Orlando last week for health IT's most significant annual gathering. And, as expected, attendees got a rare look at emerging best practices, forward-thinking innovation and new technology-enabled workflows – that are poised to define the next generation of quality care delivery.

The theme of HIMSS19 rang loud and clear: Champions of health unite.
doctor and nurse talking together and using digital tablet

Ricoh is responding to this call by helping to advance three resounding industry priorities—1) health information exchange, 2) coordinated care and 3) security.

Communication is central to quality care delivery, and today's healthcare organizations need a line of sight into the best technological frameworks to help it be more secure, efficient and meaningful.

At HIMSS, we showed you how Ricoh is partnering with today's healthcare organizations to change decades-old habits and transform connectivity through “fax free" healthcare environments.

Yet, understanding the opportunity is only the first step. To embrace transformation that improves lives, it's vital that we keep the conversation going and act on behalf of healthcare's most important asset: patients.

While the majority of today's physicians still use traditional paper-based fax as their primary form of communication, Ricoh experts demonstrated why these processes are riddled with such problems as:

  • Limited connectivity with no real-time exchange of information at the point of care
  • Increased costs due to inefficiencies and labor-intensive, manual processes
  • Disruptions in care coordination that can compromise patient safety
  • Greater security and privacy mishaps
There is a better way, and it starts with a willingness to create new habits by re-engineering how we share and use data in healthcare.

Through the experiences of Ricoh customers, we showed you how today's providers are realizing significant return on investment by replacing traditional fax workflows with digital solutions powered by Direct Messaging. Those who have embraced the promise of digital communication models are realizing how real-time data exchange can improve staff experience, collaboration between providers and lay the foundation for better patient engagement.

Healthcare organizations that have made the leap are realizing the advantages of:

Want to join the conversation?

Learn how our experts can design a best practice roadmap for improving productivity, connectivity, data security and stakeholder experience. And put one of healthcare's bad habits to rest.
  • Streamline workflows, freeing up time for clinical staff to prioritize patient care.
  • Lower hard costs associated with paper and device maintenance.
  • Improve the reliability of data transfer and reduce the potential for duplicate efforts.
  • Ensure the confidentiality and integrity of content through use of S/MIME encryption and signatures.
  • Centralize and standardize fax communication, reducing security risks through real-time audit trails.
  • Support real-time information sharing for more proactive care delivery.
Michael Campana
Michael Campana joined Ricoh in 2012 as Senior Manager of Healthcare Marketing. He brings 27 years of experience to the role to lead the market positioning and strategy for Ricoh's healthcare industry vertical in the Americas. Campana began his career in the healthcare industry upon graduating from the University of South Florida. He has worked for a number of healthcare organizations, including most recently Siemens Medical Solutions Health Services.