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child and parent on hospital bed using  digital tablet

Change habits. Transform information. Improve lives.

HIMSS 2019 | Orlando | February 11-15| Booth 1933

At HIMSS19, let's try something new

In February, thousands of healthcare and IT experts will gather to talk about what's next. As humans, we crave this connection, the ability to talk to each other freely, share ideas and learn.

And we believe this level of meaningful communication should happen year-round throughout your entire system.

Let's have a conversation:

  • How do we create new habits in healthcare?
  • How do we eliminate archaic practices such as fax?
  • How do we engage patients better with their data?
  • How do we fundamentally improve patient & staff experience?

Join the conversation #RicohHIMSS

We'll tell you about healthcare systems that are doing this today, at their own pace, and seeing unprecedented results. We can help you map a plan to transform your person-to-person and system-to-system communication – everything from efficiencies, information governance and data capture/access – fundamentally improving patient and staff experience.

Come brainstorm with us at booth 1933


Ricoh Theater

Presentation topics for HIMSS 2019:

  • Creating a "fax free" healthcare environment - Fax machines are prevalent in your facility, impacting your patient staff and community relationships. Learn how to take the first steps to eliminating faxes.
  • Solving resource and capacity issues by working smarter, not harder - You have underutilized clinical and admin resources. Learn how to improve productivity, reduce human error and improve operating margins.
  • Improving the patient journey - Your reimbursements are being affected by patient satisfaction. Learn how to improve engagement from pre-registration through discharge and beyond.
  • Ensuring accurate and timely availability of critical patient information - PHI needs to move with patients seamlessly through the continuum of care. Come see how to better manage data.
  • Freeing departmental resources to focus on their primary mission - Your IT departments have little time to focus on high-profile initiatives. Explore how to support them with business critical functions.
  • Implementing a secured infrastructure and cloud environment - You need a scalable infrastructure and services to handle increased bandwidth and capacities. Consider a custom solution to address your unique requirements.
  • Integrating and consolidating a growing health system - From standardizing processes to brand management, learn how to ensure synergy, balance costs and create economies of scale across your growing enterprise.

Join one of our theater presentations, and you'll be registered to win a new RICOH THETA SC 360-degree camera.


86% of healthcare mistakes are clerical

  • 86% of mistakes made in the healthcare industry are administrative.1
  • Roughly 25% of all U.S. hospital spending consists of administrative costs.2
  • Only 4 in 10 hospitals report that their providers can send and receive secure electronic messages withholding confidential PHI to and from sources outside of the health system or organization.3

Providers often rely on fax to bridge communication between internal and external systems, as well as with outpatient care providers and community partners that are still paper-based.

This is habit, not best practice. Read more on fundamental habits that are holding our healthcare system back, and how we can change this one step at a time.

doctor and nurse talking together and using digital tablet
little girl using tablet in hospital bed with doctor by her side

Connect everyone

Eliminate the barriers to meaningful system-to-system and person-to-person communication.

Ricoh looks at the entire picture – from pre-registration to discharge – to empower a new model for collaboration, patient engagement and care coordination.


Learn more about our Healthcare Solutions 

  • 3 unforeseen PHI risks with your fax machine

    It's time to face the fax and protect your organization. Discover three main areas where you can improve fax management - establish safer data practices for patients and staff.

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  • Protect patient revenue, start at the point of contact

    Learn how you can automate and optimize revenue cycle management throughout the patient journey - significantly boost revenue, improve patient satisfaction.

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  • Collaboration, communication, and presentation technology

    Read how interactive flat panel displays improved patient-centered care, clinician collaboration, research and education at a leading Canadian healthcare facility.            

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1Lang, Richard D. EdD, "Leadership in Health It" The Journal of Healthcare Information Management (JHIM),
2Himmelstein, David U. "A Comparison of Hospital Administrative Costs in Eight Nations: U.S. Costs Exceed All Others by Far." The Commonwealth Fund
3American Hospital Association (AHA) "Hospital Capability to Send and Receive Secure Electronic Messages."