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Ricoh Business Solutions is ideally positioned to support the NASA SEWP IV contract due to our extensive long-term experience in supporting large Government agencies and commercial corporations on a global, national and regional level. We have over 167 Ricoh company direct sales and service centers in the United States, the largest company direct infrastructure in our industry. Our primarily direct sales and service organization allows Ricoh to cover every county and parish in the United States with a consistent high level of service and support for all Federal Agencies. We sell and support both Ricoh and Lanier brand equipment on the SEWP contract.

Ricoh offers a single point of contact for consistent, reliable service and technical support – so you have just one number to call nationwide, regardless of your specific need. More important, our focus is on quality of service, not the quantity of calls we handle. In other words, Ricoh emphasizes a thorough, detailed approach to problem-solving that addresses the current need, looks for all the possible causes, and uncovers other potential issues before they impact your productivity.

Customer Vision Center

The Customer Vision® Center is the heart of Ricoh’s service organization, ready to serve the Government 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Whether to request service or answer a question about Ricoh or Lanier equipment, one call to the Customer Vision Center using the Customer Helpline at 1-800-432-9787 takes care of all of the Government’s service requirements. Unlike many others in the industry, this is the same number regardless of product line or equipment location.

All Lanier Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) nationwide are dispatched through the Ricoh Customer Vision Center. This allows us to maintain one customer service database, which allows us to provide Government Agencies with accurate specialized reports that track the performance of all Ricoh and Lanier digital equipment anywhere in the country. The customer service database can be provided on a the RicohDirect Web site ( in real time for approved Government personnel, which provides a valuable tool for tracking service calls as they occur. More information on RicohDirect can be provided upon request.

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World Class Service

Ricoh Customer Service Representatives are equipped with a laptop, a Blackberry wireless Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) and a cell phone. Each CSR also maintains an average of over $12,000 in parts inventory on hand every day. When the Ricoh Customer Vision Center receives a service call, the local CSR is notified immediately through a wireless dispatch network. After receiving the message on the Blackberry PDA, the CSR will call the customer back within one hour to schedule a time of arrival. This call ahead to the end user before CSR arrives has the following benefits:
On site, the CSR uses a laptop to download print drivers and firmware upgrades, which helps resolve more problems on site in less time. The laptop also enables CSRs to immediately access updated service documentation for your hardware and software. For more complex challenges, our CSRs use cell phones to contact the Ricoh Support Center, where they can speak one-on-one with Ricoh specialists and get expert help and technical assistance.

On each service call, the CSR not only addresses the reported issue, they also go through a thorough Preventative Maintenance checklist to ensure the system fully meets all manufacturer’s standards. If any part is found to be within 10% of its useful life expectancy, it is immediately replaced to eliminate a service call and unnecessary downtime for the end user in the near future. After call resolution, we use a wide variety of quality checks to ensure we are exceeding your expectations. These include customer surveys and evaluations of each CSR’s success rates.

Service response time is a critical in maintaining the uptime requirement of our contract. Fast service response is a real strength for Ricoh, and it is an area that we continuously track and monitor to ensure we meet our contractual requirements. Because our CSRs are notified within 5 minutes of the customer placing the service call on their Blackberry PDA, and they communicate with the end user by phone within one hour after receiving the service dispatch, the lines of communication with the end user are immediately established. We have found that this early communication with the customer after the service call is placed is extremely important in maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction.

Nationwide, Ricoh maintains a response time of 4 business hours on all calls in metropolitan areas and 6 business hours in remote locations (remote locations would be considered greater than 50 miles from the servicing facility or remote service technician). For our National and Global Account customers, Ricoh maintains an average response time of less than 4 business hours nationwide. For large site installations, we can provide an on-site dedicated CSR.

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Ricoh's Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

Ricoh has built a strong reputation as one of the most customer driven companies in the world, and it all begins with a philosophy we call Customer Vision® – Ricoh’s commitment to seeing our business through the eyes of the customer and responding as a team to meet or exceed their expectations. Our goal is to ensure the Government’s complete satisfaction with all aspects of our relationship, and the entire Ricoh support team will be committed to consistently achieving this goal throughout our contract period. If there is ever anything we can do to serve you better, please don’t hesitate to contact any of the Ricoh SEWP IV team members by selecting the SEWP IV Contacts link at this web site.

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