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SMART RE-ENGINEERING of a slow, costly process

Ricoh Digital Mail Services

Ricoh helps large enterprises efficiently manage the flood of transactional mail (invoices, forms, orders, contracts, claims, etc.) that is essential for day-to-day business activities. Using manual or paper-based processes to manage transactional mail typically results in unnecessary expense and costly delays. We bring speed, efficiency, savings and accountability to the process with Ricoh Digital Mail Services.

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Ricoh Digital Mail Services – an integration of people-process-technology – are driven by customer needs and focused on measurable customer outcomes.

Ricoh Mail Services Infographic - Click to View Large Infographic

  • People. Our on-site experts understand workflow and the importance of transactional mail. They collaborate with your operations staff to drive measurable efficiency gains.
  • Process. Through workflow analysis, process improvement and a variety of mail capture and extraction technologies, our processes help organizations easily integrate transactional data into their workflows.
  • Technology. Ricoh mail technologies offer sophisticated scanning and indexing functionality for quickly digitizing incoming mail, extracting important information and distributing it to the right recipients.

    Customer Challenges Addressed
  • Unplanned manual labor costs
  • Lost or delayed transactional information
  • Slow or no access to critical information for mobile or remote employees
  • Lack of accountability in mail handling, workflows
  • Faster access to business-critical documents
  • Key business processes move faster and with greater efficiency
  • Mobile and remote workers get transactional mail instantly
  • Lower costs, less hassle
  • Greater document security - more accountability
  • Employee productivity gains

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