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Printer Driver Editor

Ricoh's Printer Driver Editor is a configuration tool for customizing printer driver settings to fit the needs of different environments or company policies. Customized print drivers can help support cost cutting or green initiatives by restricting the use of certain functions or forcing default print driver settings, such as black & white and duplex. The Printer Driver Editor provides Administrators or IT personnel a self-service tool for creating custom driver settings, eliminating the process of "requesting" driver changes.

You can use the Printer Driver Editor to customize the following printer driver settings:

Changing the default value of the printer function

  • You can change the factory default settings to new default settings for each printer function to run the devices with customized setting values.
  • The setting values can be changed from the default values on the printer driver.
  • The default setting you can change vary, depending on the type of device or printer driver selected

Locking the setting values of the printer function

  • You can specify and lock setting values as default setting to prevent other users from changing them on the printer driver.
  • You can lock functions and setting values to fit your environment needs and device uses.
  • On the printer driver, the only setting values displayed are the default values.
  • The printer functions that you can lock/unlock vary depending on the type of device you are using.

Hiding the setting value of the printer function

  • You can specify to display or hide each of the setting values of the printer function. (Only the setting values that are specified to "Display" are shown)
  • By hiding setting values you are able to restrict which settings can be selected by users.
  • Default values once set, are always visible

Displaying a popup dialog before print job is submitted

  • You can specify an optional function, for supported print drivers, to display a popup dialog before printing starts. This dialog box is used to enter or confirm authentication information. In addition, from [Select option:] you can select the character strings to be displayed in the popup dialog.

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