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Ricoh Management Services

Ricoh Management Services

We manage the process, you manage the results.

Ricoh Management Services (RMS) specializes in handling document-intensive processes for your organization, directly on-site at your facilities. We apply unparalleled expertise in document management coupled with the talent and technologies required to generate immediate results. We call this Document Process Outsourcing, or DPO.

DPO solutions from RMS are end-to-end and completely turnkey. We assume control of the entire process from start to finish. That means we hire the people, we manage the hardware, software, and integration, we upgrade the technology, we track productivity, and we accommodate changes in your business. We look for ways to remove waste, eliminate redundancies, maximize efficiency, reduce operating costs, improve service levels for your internal and external customers, and deliver documents faster than ever before. In other words, we manage the process, and you manage the results. You have a single point of contact for any question related to this process. You tell us what you expect to see — in terms of cost, or productivity, or service quality — and RMS makes it happen. Of course, DPO is never an “all or nothing” proposition. In fact, we frequently use scalable implementation plans that can adjust to your timeline and operational priorities.

What Ricoh Management Services can do for your organization

Whether it’s operating your document production center, performing fleet management, delivering mailroom services, optimizing your output environment or other value-added activities, RMS offers tangible benefits to your company. With RMS, you can:

  • Focus on your core competencies
  • Reduce and control operating costs
  • Free up your internal resources for other purposes

Gain access to world-class document management capabilities

An innovative assessment methodology

Every customer is unique, especially when it comes to outsourcing. This is why we always start an RMS engagement with our proven assessment methodology. Developed and refined in hundreds of customer environments, this methodology provides a systematic framework for identifying target areas, estimating potential savings, recommending solutions, and prioritizing needs.

Unprecedented accountability

The promise of outsourcing is that you enjoy all the benefits of an optimized process with none of the headaches of managing it. RMS fulfills this promise with an unwavering focus on measurement and accountability. We use monthly management meetings to measure our performance, identify issues, and recommend proactive strategies and tactics for improvement. These meetings are also a catalyst for continuous improvement, because they provide an opportunity to discuss new areas for productivity enhancement and cost reduction. We share the analysis with you, so you know exactly how we are performing to your expectations.

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