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Ricoh Unified Communications: On Premise VoIP and Collaboration Solution

Ricoh Unified Communications

Productive communications and collaboration

You have critical information that your customers need. But what good is it if you can't share it effectively? Ricoh Unified Communications On-premise VoIP Phone System and Collaboration Solution offers a powerful suite of customizable phone and advanced communications to help you deliver information quickly and cost effectively. Leveraging Voice over IP (VoIP) technology, it helps you manage phone calls with unprecedented ease, collaborate with partners in new and exciting ways and provide faster, more accurate customer service. Each of our three feature-rich solutions include convenient, intuitive tools that are designed specifically to improve productivity and meet budgetary demands for today's small- to medium-sized businesses.

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Choose which edition of Ricoh Unified Communications On-premise VoIP Phone System and Collaboration Solution meets your unique communications requirements. Each is backed by responsive, technical expertise to simplify how you share information with customers and partners.

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  • Exactly what you want to hear
    Do you need to upgrade your phone system, but lack the resources to support it? Are you struggling to connect with an increasingly mobile audience? Is customer service important for your business? Choose Ricoh Unified Communications On-premise VoIP Phone System and Collaboration Solution for a wide range of innovations that can help you save time, communicate more effectively and reduce costs. We're uniquely positioned to provide an on-premise VoIP solution that can be managed in the cloud. As a result, it offers incredible speed and convenience to improve your productivity without taxing your resources. Choose from a host of easy to use tools that can simplify everyday tasks and scale with you to accommodate changing needs as you and your customers evolve.
  • Proven performance from a trusted partner
    Gain more control of your business — by managing your phone system less. Ricoh offers support contracts to maintain your VoIP system behind the scenes so you can experience seamless communications in front of customers. We begin with an assessment to understand your business as well as your phone and communications network. We'll evaluate your needs and work with you to identify key challenges. Then, we'll design and deploy the best solution for your organization and offer user training. As a national organization, we can offer sales and technical support in almost any location, with incredible speed and convenience to ensure your services operate at optimal efficiency.
Simplify communications for everyday connections

  • Enhance business voice services
    Customers call you for a reason — don't give them a reason to call the competition. Ricoh Unified Communications On-premise VoIP Phone System and Collaboration Solution offers a Standard Edition that includes comprehensive business phone services that are designed specifically for the budgets and demands of small- and medium-sized organizations. It enables you to communicate with incredible clarity from anywhere, at any time. Plus, you can customize it to fit your business. Set privileges for every user, automate basic tasks, transfer calls with ease and use your mobile phone as an extension of your office to streamline phone services and improve productivity.
  • Collaborate more effectively
    Sometimes, connecting to the right person at the right time is the smartest thing you can do. Show how smart you are: upgrade to our Professional Edition and add collaborative solutions to connect seamlessly with people across the office, or across the globe. Set up an audio conference or chat, call and e-mail with a single click from the easy-to-use interface. Or, join a Web conference and share your desktop with participants for a fraction of the cost of most thirdparty solutions. Our extensive list of features empowers users with fast, easy access to the people and information they need to make better and smarter decisions.
  • Improve customer service at your contact center
    Your customer service isn't as good as you think it is. In fact, a recent independent study reported that up to 80% of
    businesses think they deliver excellent customer service — but only 20% of customers agree. Our Call Center Edition
    includes an array of tools to help sales representatives, agents, employees and managers answer requests quickly
    and accurately. Take a quick peek at the dashboard to see call volumes and available agents or drill down to analyze
    productivity metrics. Assign queues, track calls, monitor conversations or route incoming calls to leverage the unique
    skills of your staff easily from your desktop.
  • Affordable for small- and medium-sized businesses
    Are you interested in significant savings when compared to your current business phone system costs? Speak to our
    team of sales executives and find out which innovative tools and features meet your specific requirements most
    effectively. We'll offer choices in how you want to deploy the solution — and pay for it..
We offer VoIP communications to help small and mid-sized companies enhance productivity and reduce costs. Simply select your preferred telecommunications carrier*, then choose an individual service, or combine services to ensure your team has the tools to improve how you share information with customers, coworkers and partners.

  • Use your mobile phone as an extension of your office phone
  • Scan, sort, play, delete and flag voicemails online
  • Manage and transfer calls with drag-and-drop ease using a mouse
  • Automate greetings and routing preferences
  • Create rules and privileges to ensure you never miss a call
  • Use your browser to monitor and manage every user, every call
  • Share your desktop in Web conferences using a secure URL
  • Conduct audio conferences for internal and external participants
  • Send instant messages privately on the network
  • E-mail group messages in moments
Call Center
  • Check out queue details from a convenient dashboard
  • Drill down to analyze agent call patterns and performance
  • Create multiple queues, track calls and measure marketing ROI
  • Route incoming calls to specific agents based on their skill or experience
  • Allow managers to take over calls and share private direction to agents
  • Record and archive phone calls for training and review
* Telecommunications provider communication and connection charges also apply.

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