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Ricoh Engineered IT Solutions: On Premise VoIP and Collaboration Solution

Ricoh Engineered IT Solutions

Designed to streamline network implementation

You have a plan to grow your business. But do you have the network to support it? Many organizations lack the proficiency and resources to implement network services when upgrading technologies or setting up new business locations. What works for one company might not be right for you. That's why your network needs to be designed specifically for your organization to enhance core capabilities that differentiate you from the competition. Ricoh ® Engineered IT Solutions offers a detailed, project-based statement of work and delivers endto- end network services — from design, procurement and installation to configurations and end-user training.

Designed specifically to simplify network implementation while conserving your resources, Ricoh Engineered IT Solutions offers end-to-end support — from assessment to design to training to support.

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  • Working towards a healthier network
    The more we learn about you — the more you'll discover about us. We begin with an assessment of your environment to identify network objectives and challenges and more importantly, to leverage opportunities. Our team of experienced consultants will embed themselves in your organization to work collaboratively with key stakeholders. We'll create a network diagram and prepare a strategic roadmap to ensure consistency throughout the engagement. By knowing what you expect from your organization — and from us — we'll know how to craft a robust, flexible network solution to match.
  • Tailored to optimize performance
    Once we figure out what you need, we know exactly how to deliver it. That's why we review the strategic roadmap carefully before we begin implementing specific server and network solutions. We help you identify solutions from the server level to the desktop — from storage requirements and switches to tablets and routers. Because it's project-based with a detailed scope of work, we can tailor specific equipment to meet your unique requirements.

End to End support to reduce costs and enhance efficiencies

  • Managing to solidify your network
    We're the experts. More importantly, we know how to put our knowledge into practice. We provide a detailed, project based scope of work for every engagement. Then, we execute our plan by following the strategic roadmap we've developed. Along the way, our experienced team of technicians consults with key stakeholders to ensure key details are shared, which leads to more informed decisions and more reliable outcomes.
  • Trained to improve the way you work
    A network is only as efficient as those who manage it. That's why Ricoh Engineered IT Solutions offers extensive administrative training for your in-house IT staff responsible for day-to-day network support. We can develop a plan to streamline the transition of administrative control to your team — or we can continue to manage daily tactical tasks via the Ricoh Proactive Managed IT Services or Ricoh IT Support Services teams. We'll also conduct end user training and quarterly reviews to ensure your organization is maximizing the capabilities of your enhanced network.
  • Universal maintenance and support
    We use equipment that works best for you — not for us. After all, we're more than a hardware and software provider. We offer industry-leading network expertise and IT services, too. That's why we're able to implement and maintain technologies and solutions from third-party manufacturers as seamlessly as we can our own. We design and implement robust network infrastructures that can enhance efficiencies and reduce operating costs for smaller to midsized organizations like yours.

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