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Ricoh Backup Security and Solutions: On Premise VoIP and Collaboration Solution

Ricoh Backup Security and Solutions

Minimize risks to your business

Your organization is at risk. And, that won't ever change. After all, risk is one of the only certainties for small and midsize businesses. Fortunately, RICOH® Backup and Security Solutions can mitigate many of the most dangerous risks. We design tailored solutions to protect your network from a wide range of Internet threats, including viruses, malware, security breaches and more. Plus, we offer backup services to help ensure data integrity and availability when disaster strikes. With innovative hardware and software technologies backed by an experienced, proven team of expert technicians, we can take measures to safeguard your critical data to strengthen your IT resiliency.

Ricoh Backup and Security Solutions focus on enhancing data integrity and security for your entire network — from on-site premises backup and endpoint security to security applications for your mobile and remote workforce.

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  • Assess your threat level
    Is your organization capable of protecting your most sensitive data? What are you willing to risk to find out? Most organizations don't realize that they're at risk until it's too late. Ricoh Backup and Security Solutions begins with an onsite assessment, so we can tailor a solution to address the unique challenges of your organization. We analyze your network, including servers and peripheral devices and consult with key stakeholders about business and governance processes, including authentication controls. Then, we outline specific recommendations, which may include enhanced processes, upgraded tools or new technologies to improve security.
  • Designed for your protection
    Threats can strike from anywhere, inside or outside your organization. That's why it's critical to know where you're vulnerable — and how to implement a solution that addresses those security gaps. Ricoh Backup and Security Solutions offers project-based implementation, so you pay only for solutions designed specifically to enhance your security infrastructure. We'll design custom on-premise backup solutions as well as endpoint security and network security solutions to help minimize risk and improve access to business-critical data.

When integrity is a critical asset…

  • Expect exceptional support
    Stagnancy can compromise any network. Fortunately, for every new threat that emerges, we know how to thwart it. Our experts have extensive experience managing a wide range of backup and security projects. Our objective remainsthe same every time — to mitigate risk. We'll collaborate with you and share a detailed, project-based scope of work, so every key stakeholder knows what to expect in every situation.
  • Protect what's yours
    Ricoh Backup and Security Solutions discovers innovative ways to protect the health of your network. Then, we teach you how to manage it. Our carefully crafted transition strategy is designed to help you maximize internal resources for ongoing maintenance. In addition, Ricoh Proactive Managed IT Services or Ricoh IT Support Services teams specialize in day-to-day management for integrated IT environments, including network backup and security.
  • Implement the most effective solution
    Ricoh Backup and Security Solutions provides a service. We're not designed to sell you only our products. That's why we support hardware and software from a wide range of manufacturers. We specialize in designing and implementing robust security solutions that protect your organization from malicious threats. We understand that even the simplest goals may requite complex execution.

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